12 Summer Colors For Your Living Room

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Every house that is considered a house has an essential part: the living room. As a place where we would usually socialize and entertain our friends, family and ourselves, our living rooms plays an important part in each and every one of us. This is where your kid fist took his first steps, where you watch Netflix when you would just like to be lazy on Sundays or host a special family event. The function of the living room evolved throughout history, from a parlour that symbolizes social status in Europe, to drawing room where the master and mistress of the house entertains a more intimate social gathering to a time when influenza was prevalent and killed claimed more people than the war they used their living rooms to mourn and stack their deads. It was only after the influenza epidemic that people started calling the “living room” as living room, used again to entertain the living-those who survived the epidemic. At the New York World’s Fair of 1939, the first recognizable   modern look of a living room was seen and the idea of the living room focusing on new technologies like radio and television was established. Today, we do equip our living rooms with modern technologies such as Smart TVs, surround  sound systems, gaming systems etc. We showcase our living rooms so much that it is important not only to house it with the newest technologies but also to make sure we cover the aesthetic part of it.

As the days begin to get longer and the temperature climbs up faster, summertime brings not only long weekend trips with your family and friends but also the lingering thought of upgrading your living room! And what better and faster way to give your living room an update aside than painting it? Here are summer color ideas to try on this summer:

1. Cobalt Blue

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This color is bold yet very playful. This color gives your wall a statement without being too abrasive. This works great not only for your living room but also for your home office. Pro Tip: Try it out on a small wall in the living room, relax and play with the color!

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2. Pastel

Creamsicle, lilac, light peach- pile them all up for a taste of summer all year round! Pastel colors doesn’t seem to go out of style anytime soon, no matter what time of the year it is. Try adding contrasting dark colors, a little bit of navy blue color here and there just like this living room (pillows and artwork is the best elements to add contrasting colors) and pretty sure your living room will wow guests!

3. Sunny Yellow

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What is more summer looking than the sunny yellow? Try painting just the bottom part of your wall or just one wall and pair it with soft neutrals to make the room pop. This bright color is both cheery and warm, the best color to compliment summer and warm you up during winter. Use this in small amount to draw attention in your living room but avoid overusing this color as this may lead to visual fatigue.

4. Sky Blue

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Associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, expansiveness, inspiration, and sensitivity, sky blue evokes a calm ambiance probably because it is the color of a serene sky. This color brings in a quieting effect in a room, perfect for relaxing during hot sunny days. Use it to your bedroom too or any room you use to relax and unwind.

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5. Candy Apple Red

This shade of red is similar to the coating of a freshly candied apple seen in old-fashioned fairs. This shade of red is perfect for both the living room and dining room as this stimulates appetite, productivity and passion. In color psychology, the color red is associated with activity, energy, danger, aggression and passion. Red is the most powerful color as it draws more attention than any other hues. This is why some advertising companies use this color to entice potential clients into action, whether it is a physical action of buying a product or induce your mental function into swiftly thinking about purchasing.

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6. Seaworthy Coral

This pink-orange color got its name from the marine invertebrates that decorates the bottom of the sea. Coral is one of the most notable vibrant hues in the sea. This is a stand out shade no matter where you use it. Seaworthy coral is a soft color that evokes femininity, creates a fresh and invigorating ambiance. The intense yet softened coral pink shade is vibrant and stirs up images of tropical ocean life and hopeful growth. Paint your living room wall with this color to evoke a cheerful space.

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7. Bright White

Bright white paint boasts the summerest vibe of all, a fact no one can deny. It allows light to come in and creates an airy and fresh vibe in the room. In color psychology, white is a color of protection and encouragement, offering a sense of peace and calm, comfort and hope, helping alleviate emotional upsets. It creates a sense of order and efficiency, a great help if you need to declutter your life. That being said, bright white does not only work for summer but for every other season. Use neutrals with your bright whites. Neutrals are timeless and beachy, perfect for the summer season! These colors inspired by nature’s soothing colors to bring a breath of fresh air to your home’s most lived-in spaces.

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8. Sage Green

Both cool and calming, sage green would fit in with a variety of colors whether you want to go all out with a fun design scheme like this or stick to something a little more traditional. The serene shade of sage green in this back wall designed by 2LG Studio is playful and cool to the eyes, just the amount of fun equating summer.

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9. Tangerine

A whole space can be energized by painting the living room wall tangerine. Channeling late summer night sunsets, tangerine add a pop of fun to any living room. This color is a shade of orange and is characteristically described as bright, happy and uplifting. It calls to mind feelings of excitement, enthusiasm and warmth. Tangerine is the shade of orange that reminds us not only of the setting sun but also the refreshing taste of the fruit- a true taste of summer! Using this color as an accent wall is a great idea as overusing it may make the room too bright for your taste or too overwhelming.

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10. Peach

Don't be afraid of pinks becoming too feminine. Peach is a color that creates a sense of stability and security. Bright shades of peach help improve mood, loaded with optimism and will increase the level of happiness. Peach can be described as a pale pinkish yellow and goes well with shades of blue such as sky blue, aqua and navy blue. Lime, also goes well with peach as it gives it a tangy look. Pair your peach wall with these colors this summer for a fun and fresh look!

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11. Jade Green

This jewel-toned color makes a room feel like a Caribbean oasis. This color suggests balance, harmony and vitality. Green, primarily suggests growth and renewal that is why it is also a color of choice for Spring. Adding potted plants in your living room painted with this color will surely make you swoon as it’s refreshing to the eyes and it feels like bringing in the lush green summer field in your house. Jade is a jewel tone in the green family, so any color you would ordinarily pair with green would go with jade. This color looks great with colors like peach, aubergine, rose, ruby red and pink. It can also work well alongside other shades of green, for instance lime green. For a fresh look, pair emerald green with neutrals like beige. Consider these color combinations when designing your living room with a jade green wall.

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12. Pale Beige

This shade of beige will make you remember long walks on the beach. A super light shade of beige will contrast just enough with crisp bright interiors while also injecting some warmth into the space. Don’t forget to add pops of cheerful colors with will decor and throw pillows for a summer look. One of the best things about this shade is that beige is seen as a trusty friend; that dependable tint one can always add to any surface of any room (from the bedroom and hallway to the living room and kitchen). While it’s true that neutral beige goes with any color and design imaginable, avoid being sloppy in designing your living room space. A great deal of effort should be taken if you want to expect an end result that is visually pleasing. Using beige for your walls allows this color to become a discreet backdrop for furnishings, art, and additional colors of forest green, bright red and even gold. The beige fades into the background as the gorgeous accessories pop into the foreground

There you have it, our very own list of summer colors for this summer. One thing to bear in mind: before splurging on new furnishings and décor, first check that your color combinations work. Make sure you obtain color swatches of the tints you plan on using, and set these in the room to see how they change in the light during different times of the day.