Benefits in buying from thrift stores


These days money is very important to us and we can never deny that. We all work hard to earn money and sustain our needs. The more we earn the better. But earning so much is never enough, we should also learn how to save. Even though we earn more than what we need we may still end up loosing every single dollar that we have if we don’t know how to save. In emergency cases, it is very important that you always have an emergency budget. Nowadays each and every treatment requires payment you barely see something that is free. If you are sick and you don’t have money for your medication tendency is you’ll die out of your sickness. Saving is very important this will help us cope up with our financial needs in unexpected situations. Another reason is we save money for our future, a planned future is a successful one. You will live peacefully if you planned very well for your future, your kids will not suffer. Most of us also saves money for our wants not just for our needs. It is okay to feed our wants but in limitation. It is a trend nowadays to have that so called “travel goals” from young adults to married couples most of the people these days are setting aside a certain amount from their earnings just to make their travel goals come true. There are a lot of ways to save money.  

The very first thing that you should do in saving money is to figure out how much is your expenses. List down and track all your expenses, when I say all it means everything, from a cup of coffee up to your bills and daily needs everything that you pay for is your expenses. Then set your saving goals, think about the targets that you want to if you are planning to buy something whether it’s big or small the important thing is you have the motivation because you are saving for something that you are aiming to have.  

Conserve energy, use energy wisely like for the air cooler you can set a timer for specific hours of usage only or even turn it off if it is cool enough inside the house. Having high ceilings and wide windows can enhance air quality inside your home. Conserve water, when brushing your teeth close the faucet. These energy savings tips will help you lower down your monthly utility bills, so it simply means additional savings on your monthly budget.   

As much as possible only buy what is necessary, have a list every time you go the the grocery store this will help you budget how much do you need for food, toiletries and other important stuffs inside your home. ALWAYS REMEMBER DON’T BE AN IMPULSIVE BUYER! For this will get you out of your budget. Opt for thrift stores, look for shops that is budget friendly and at the same time offers good quality products. This is one of the most effective way of saving.

Thrift stores are cheaper compared to other retail stores. These types of stores are very amazing. This place can offer you wide range of products at a fraction cost compared to retail stores.  

You may also find designer products at a lower cost here. Thrift stores normally shows off a shelf of designer clothes, similar to what department stores do, but in thrift stores you can own some designer products only at a fraction of the cost. Some thrift stores makes the shopper’s lives easier, because they even put a separate section for designer products, in that way the shoppers can easily look through it. Most of these products may not be brand new but you can find good quality, good as new, and affordable products.  

Thrift store is a one stop shop, compared to many other retailer stores which only offers products specific to gender or age, a thrift store is where you can find products for the entire family and the good thing is they usually arranged the products neatly by color or size. You can actually get a lot of benefits here, first you can save money because products are more affordable and second is that no need for you to go to different stores to look for the products for your whole family in that way you already saved time and effort. This one stop shop will offer you a wide range of products from clothing, toys, electronics, accessories, and so much more that will please everyone in your family.  

Your purchase may benefit a charity. You are buying for yourself while helping those in need. Most of the thrift stores run as an aid of a non profit agency which the major portion of their raised funds goes to the community. It means that people in the local community can directly benefit in every single dollar that you spent in a thrift store. It can be a benefit for homeless shelter, job training, some assistance programs, whatever it is, the benefit will definitely go somewhere that it is needed. You can also make this as a purpose, by donating stuffs that are no longer being used inside your home. Instead of throwing them away you can donate it to some thrift shops, you can help the needy and save the nature by reducing waste products if you are just planning to throw them away. But be careful always make it a habit to check and ensure that the thrift shop that you choose to give your donations to is a legit extension of a non profit agency.  

Last one, if you’re a business minded person you can definitely turn your thrifting into a business. Purchase affordable quality and designer products in a thrift store then resell those products at a higher price. You can make use of the internet do online selling so that your market will be wider.  

Here are some of the best thrift stores in Chicago.