Best dog park in Ukrainian Village

Dogs are really worthy to be called as “man’s best friend’. They are loyal, smart, dedicated and loving. Dogs are known to enhance our physical and mental health. There is nothing better than having a long walk with your furry four legged best friend on a fresh sunny day or enjoying the happy moments when playing them at the park or even just at home. Before deciding to get a bigger dog, think twice. Having a dog is a lifetime commitment and hard work because your dog will rely on you as long as it lives. Think about your responsibility as a owner, you should have enough time to take care of your dog, his daily needs like food, proper shelter, vaccines, medications if needed and a lot more. Once you are sure enough that you can be a responsible owner and ready to have a lifestyle that includes a dog in your life, made a research about various breeds and dog personalities then you can definitely get one. There are a lot of great benefits for having a dog as a pet. 

Studies shows that dog owners have lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol compared to non-dog owners and that they are less likely to acquire mild or even serious health problems. It also shows that most of dog owners have  stronger immune system, that makes them fit and lesser chances of suffering from sickness. And as a matter of fact, dog owners rarely visits a doctor  and at the same time there is a lesser chance of being on medication compared to non-dog owners.  

  • Dog owners can recover faster from sickness and has a higher chance of surviving heart attack.  

  • The same with children they are less likely to get sick when they have a dog as a pet. Even children with chronic illnesses can cope better with their treatment because of canine companion.  

  • Dogs can be our great companion, they give unconditional love and sense of emotional well being. They can give comfort especially for those who are alone.  

  • People who suffers from personal trauma like bereavement and even those with mental health problems can easily recover if they own a dog. 

  • Having a regular walk with your dog can also be a form of exercise that can improve your fitness level and will make you healthy. Not only that, by going to dog parks you can also meet other dog owners and gain new friends.

Speaking of dog parks let’s see what are the best dog parks in Ukrainian Village.  

Skinner Park

17 S Loomis St
Chicago, IL 60607
United States

b/t Madison St & Washington Blvd 
Near West Side, West Loop 

A secure spot for our dogs. It was August of 2014 when Skinner park was introduced to the public in and a Community Group was formed in 2015 at the request of the city. Park’s staff worked hard to make sure that dogs can socialize without wearing leash on them.They maintain the park very well and they never stop to look for ways on how they can make Skinner Park better. With the help of fund raising programs and networking with Chicago’s dog friendly community Skinner park is well kept for our furry friends.

These are what Skinner Park provides in return to the donations that they get:

1. Pick-up of left behind poop and trash.

2. Dog-friendly cleaning products that are used to disinfect benches, water fountains, and turf.

3. Power-washing of turf, canopies, and concrete walkway that includes in between cracks where dog hair can build up.

4. Leaf and snow removal.

5. Repairs of entrance and exit gates, fences, canopies, water fountains, water hose, etc. 

6. Tree removal and replacement.

7. Pea gravel replacement.

8. Waste management.

Fred Anderson Park Dog Park

1629 S Wabash Ave
Chicago, IL 60616
United States

b/t 18th St & 16th St 
Near Southside

Fred Anderson Park Dog Park opened in December 10th, 2014! The park has a total area of 18,900 square feet almost one acre site. There are two different areas for small dogs and big dogs. 5,200 square feet or 0.44 acre for small dogs and 13,700 square feet or 0.32 acre for big dogs. The ground is concrete with a sturdy area of artificial grass for both small and large dog areas. For the amenities they have very cool fountain and bag dispenser.

Doggy Paddle Aquatic Center For Dogs

1430 W Willow St
Chicago, IL 60642
United States

Noble Square, West Town 

Looking for a place for your dog to achieve fitness through swimming? Then Doggy Paddle Aquatic Center For Dogs is the perfect place for you and your furry four legged friend. Your pet will surely enjoy Doggy Paddle’s indoor heated pools with standby instructors to secure your pets safety while they are having fun. Doggy Paddle wants to encourage physical and mental health at the same time the bonding between the owner and their pet.  

Wiggly Field

2645 N Sheffield Ave
Chicago, IL 60686
United States

DePaul, Lincoln Park 

On the north side of Chicago, Illinois you can find Chicago’s first official dog exercise and play area namely Wiggly Field. Stacey Hawk, Diane Dorwart and Judy Tullman founded this dog park. Wiggly field has been featured appeared on Animal Planet's show K-9 to 5, Chicago magazine in July 1999, InStyle magazine in September 2000, Bark Magazine in Spring 2002, and Chicagoland Tails in 2002 and it is considered as one of the most popular  dog park in Chicago. It was also named by Dog Fancy magazine readers as one of the top ten US dog parks.

Churchill Field Dog Park

1825 N Damen Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
United States

b/t Churchill St & Bloomingdale Ave 

This .16 acres dog park is fenced and it features benches, garbage cans, shade, doggie drinking fountain and pools.It is located adjacent to train tracks, east of Damen. The dog park is within the 1.4 acres Churchill Field park and it is very nice because it has a designated area for out furry friends.