Best Places to go in Chicago

Chicago is a very interesting place to go. There are a lot of unique facts that will surely make you think about visiting this amazing city. In 1837 Chicago became an official city of Illinois and currently it is the third largest city in the USA with a total of 2.7 million number of population which ranks after Los Angeles with 3.9 million and New York at 8.5 million of population.  

  • The name “Chicago” is a French interpretation of “striped skunk” which is a Native American term that happened to be the name of the wild onions found near Chicago river.  

  • In 1892, the world’s first elevated railway was installed in Chicago and it was

  • Very popular and known by the name “L” the shortened term for “elevated” 

  • The tallest building in the entire Western Hemisphere is found in Chicago which is known as the “Willis Tower” that was originally called “Sears Tower” and it is equipped with one of the world’s fastest elevator that operates at 1,600 feet per minute. Another interesting fact about Willis Tower is that from its sky deck four states are visible that includes, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. 

  • In 1889 the first ever skyscraper was built in Chicago it is the thirteen story Tacoma Building.  

  • Each year over 55 million people visits Chicago.

  • If you are going to combined all the stores of Burger Kings, McDonald's, and Wendy's restaurants in the whole Chicago it is still out numbered by over 2000 hotdog stand. 

  • In 1942, below the stands of Stagg Field football arena in University of Chicago,

  • the first controlled nuclear chain reaction happened and after some time it led to the atomic bomb and nuclear energy.

  • The home of the largest collection of impressionist paintings in the whole world outside of Paris, France is the Art Institute of Chicago. 

  • The Chicago River is the only river that flows backwards. The river flows through downtown Chicago and runs through different systems and canals but what is more interesting about it is that the way it flows is backwards. They made a reversal technique for sanitation purposes, that is to divert the sewage away from Lake Michigan’s water supply. The technique was acknowledge and declared as the biggest public earth-moving project ever made . The reversal technique was recognized as a great engineering fulfillment.

Everything mentioned above are interesting facts about Chicago and there’s a lot of reasons why visiting Chicago is worth your time and effort and theses are the best places in the city that will make your stay memorable.  

Millennium Park

Millennium Park is located in a place that was formerly used for rail yards and parking lots. Because of great civic effort, bountiful private donations after six long years of hard work The park was officially opened in July 16, 2004 and it is now known to be the  second most popular tourist attraction in Illinois next to Navy Pier and you can also find some magnificent public art pieces in the world such as, Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Cloud Gate or the Bean, and Crown Fountain.  

Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo established in 1868, is found in the city of Chicago, Illinois. The zoo is recognized for its exceptional collection of great family of apes living together. The zoo is also known because of the success they achieved in gorilla breeding program. Lincoln Park Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the entire United States. In 1930, their marine collection was moved to Shedd Aquarium.  The 14 hectare park is managed by the Lincoln Park Zoological Society and it is partly supported by the Chicago Park District. It serves as a home to more than 1,200 specimens of some 230 kinds of animals.  

Chicago Riverwalk

The walker friendly Chicago Riverwalk extends 1.25 miles from Lake Shore Drive to Lake Street. You can see Cozy coves, airy cafes, bars and wineries, museums and a lot more as you go along the Chicago Riverwalk.

360 Chicago

Located at the top of the tallest buildings on Michigan Avenue, the observatory will bring you 1,000 feet above the air, so you will be able to see the four different states on a fair day. 

Music Box Theater Chicago

Established in 1929 and it is so fascinating how this remarkable place was able to retain its original architecture and design. Music Box Theater is continuously operating as an art-house and repertory cinema since the early 1980s and as of today it has a seating capacity of 800. 

Thalia Hall Chicago

Thalia Hall is a significant landmark and can be found in Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. It was built in 1892 by John Dusek a saloon keeper he mainly founded Thalia Hall as a neighborhood establishment. It was classified as a Chicago Landmark on October 25, 1989. These days Thalia Hall is a multipurpose establishment that includes music, commercial, and bar or restaurant space.  

Humboldt Park

This place is known for its huge Puerto Rican population and the beautiful green space where the name originated. You can find Humboldt Park in West Side neighborhood, this place can give you countless attractions. The area around the park is occupied by home stores, great coffee shops and you can even find a place with Japanese food here.

The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum was established in 1857 by Chicago Academy of Sciences. The museums concentrates on the natural history of Chicago and what’s great about it is that they offer educational programs for both adults and children.  Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum is famous for its live butterfly house.

Garfield Park Conservatory

This is situated in Garfield Park in Chicago and known to be the biggest greenhouse conservatories in the entire USA. Most people call it as “landscape are under glass”. Garfield Park Conservatory sits on a 2 acres of land for public greenhouse space while for outdoor gardens it has a total area of 10 acres. This place is one of the best destination where your family can relax and enjoy be closer to nature.