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Body painting is an art of painting on ones body. It is an aged art that tends people to paint their bodies using non permanent colors since the Prehistory. If applied to the entire body it is called body painting while those that are applied to the face only or hand is called face or hand painting.

Early ethnic groups and people used body painting in their rituals. Clay and natural dyes that came from local plants or even charcoal are used by indigenous people even until this modern days because there are still Native people of Australia , New Zealand, some parts of Africa and Pacific islands still practice their rituals and uses natural colorants in their bodies.

Mehndi that is known to be a form of non permanent body painting, that uses dyes made from henna and until now it is famous in India, the Middle East, and recently it also became famous in the West. Moreover, if you just notice clowns and actors have been using body paint as well for more than centuries old.

In 1960s, the art of full body painting was revived in the Western Society. However, even before that time there were already some performances of body art in the public but it was not triumphant. There was an incident in 1933 that was accused as public disturbance during the World’s Fair in Chicago, that resulted to the arrest of the artist Max Factor, Sr. and his model Sally Rand. Rand was body painted by Max Factor, Sr. using his new make up line. Nudity and body paint needs to wait at that time because of the moral norms. Then in 1950s and 1960s it started to become a minor alternative movement wherein paint is intended to use as a body covering on a model’s body then after that the model will roll to a medium sized paper or canvas to transfer the paint. And it was the small beginning of body painting. During the 90s Joanne Gair took body painting to mainstream and also in August 1992 during the Vanity Fair's “Demi's Birthday Suit” cover of Demi Moore. And nowadays body painting is already accepted in the public and we even have festivals around the world like World Bodypainting Festival in Pörtschach, Austria wherein the professional and amateur body painters present their skills and talents not only that because body painting is also being practiced in other places such as football matches, rave parties and at the same time a sign of protests. These days body painting is also an ideal way to get that amazing holloween look, you can easily turn yourself into a scary monster, super hero, and any cartoon character that you like these imaginary characters can turn in to life with body painting and that is not the case with traditional costumes.

The subcategory of body painting that is face painting where the only painted part is just the face of the model. Also considered as an ancient art where people during the primeval time uses face painting to camouflage during hunting activities, religious events, and military purposes as a form of membership in a military unit. It was usual for younger women, during the time of hippie movement in the late 1960s, to design their cheeks with flowers or peace symbols. Nowadays, theme parks, parties and festivals put up face painting booths for children. While Hand art is a form of body painting that only covers the hands to make them look something else, it can be an animal or whatever.

Artist are very careful when it comes to choosing the body paints to avoid allergies, they need to use non toxic, washable and non allergic paints. No one will be suffocated by having paint all over their body but if liquid latex is used for body painting the model can suffer from heat stroke.

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Rock Your Body Art LLC Face Painting

Their role is to rock. They provide excellent quality face painting, body painting, henna tattoos, airbrush tattoos, promotional body painting, glitter tattoos, UV Glow Face and body art, customized logo stencils and a lot more. With Rock Your Body Art LLC Face Painting you are going to ”Rock YOUR Body Art!” 

Allison Halver the award-winning body painter and make up artist was featured on TV to be specific on NBC’s LXTV, WGN Morning News, Univision’s Para ti Mujer and Top Model Sweden. Magazines like Playboy, Rue, Men’s Fitness, Doug Mitchell’s book ‘Body Painting’ and on also featured his work. Check out more about Rock Your Body Art LLC Face Painting on their website. 

Chicago Body Painting Premier Body Painting in the Midwest

Chicago Body Painting belongs to the group of the oldest and longest established body painting services in the Chicagoland.  Their body painting has been seen in trade shows, private events, intimate art for lovers, hospitality rooms, billboards, advertising campaigns, television and of course, private sittings for more than 22 years. Check out their portfolio here and be amazed with their works of art.  

Mario Ink. Body Painting 

Mario Ink. Body Painting is managed by Mario Ceja and his team of professional and talented artists, their aim is to transform Chicago's sexiest models into walking, talking works of art. Mario’s superb eyes and hands make use of body painting, latex, and air brush paint methods to make a back up marketing option that has a shock value and will surely make your promotional event a very memorable one. 

If you want to give your brand and logo the ideal exposure, then you can opt for one of the most popular way that is called PROMOTIONAL BODYPAINTING and the exhibit will be presented at night clubs, concerts, luxury private parties and other events. With Mario Ink. they guarantee a very artistic style of logos in each and every model’s body that is truly sexy but never indecent.

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