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A fresh coat of paint can help your house look more attractive but there are a lot of reasons why repainting your home is important and a proper paint job is needed to insure that the paint will last for years and could help you save money. Rushing any paint job has serious consequences especially on big houses.  Painting can pose some problems and challenges that need attention because of the amount time and cost it would take to complete the paint job.


Painting a huge house obviously needs more time than painting a small house because of the area for preparation, primer paint and finish paint is larger. Most repaints are done in accordance with a plan because most paints nowadays are latex or water based which means that rain will mostly like destroy a newly painted home exterior or painting a surface on a humid environment because of large surfaces that need to be applied with a new coat. A change in weather could lead to delays especially painting the exteriors on a large surface. That’s is why  proper scheduling and choosing the best time to paint your house is important to ensure proper curing as exterior paints are more exposed to weather than the interior. Different weather has also different effects on paint, so choosing the right kind of paint for a specific weather is also vital to avoid unnecessary expenses.


Painting is physical job, climbing those ladders while holding a brush or rollers is not easy especially painting big house. For a huge house, preparing the surface is as much tiring as painting while standing for hours.  Some of the common accidents are falling from ladders, which could cause a very serious injury. Other challenges of painting large house are inhaling too much fumes from paint.  With a huge house to paint, you'll be exposed on fumes for a long period of time especially when painting house interiors. Although there some paint products that are low odor but at the same time expensive. Using a dust mask or filter mask is one way of preventing yourself from inhaling dangerous fumes. Professional painters are trained with regards to safety precautions and are equipped with safety gears, but if you decide to paint it yourself it is always best to get advice and do a little research to avoid injuries and enjoy the fruit of your hard work.


There are hundreds of paint colors that you can choose from, and most paint manufacturers have products with the same colors but sometimes they produce a wide range of new paint colors which are different from other brands that they want to introduce to customers, that is why when you are planning to paint a large surface, buying the required amount of paint with the same brand is important to avoid having patches with different colors rather than mixing your own paint color if you ran out.  Painting a large surface requires a lot of preparation and every surface must be even, and preparing large surfaces can sometime leave areas that were not properly sanded or patched and will most likely to bulge. Over used tools like rollers and paint brushes can contribute to having uneven finish coat and rough surfaces.


Painting a huge house is not cheap; from preparing the surface to applying primer and finish coat will definitely need a thorough planning to save and other unnecessary expenses. Making sure that there is enough budget is important to keep a continuous work and avoid any stoppages or unfinished paint because this will gradually affect the first impression of your house and ending up spending a lot more money trying fix the unfinished job.  Seeking advice or hiring professionals is also a way to determine the amount of expenses for labor, and materials rather than spending too much because you are in doubt and have no experience in painting large surfaces and later on made a mistake.


Huge House means a huge interior and the possibility that there will be a lot of appliances, big furniture and lots of decors inside the house. It’s normal that some of the paint may drop while painting and it is important that you need to cover them before painting but sometimes furniture cover areas that needs to be painted and the only way is to move it. Professional painters will remove all appliances and furniture before applying for an easy paint job and to protect you furniture from spillages and paint drops. You can hire more people to move your furniture and appliances faster and safer.


Different types of house require different types of preparation to achieve the desired appearance you want. Consulting processionals for advice can save you from further headache and wrong decisions. Painting a huge house offers a lot of challenge in choosing the right color and design because huge houses often stands out from its surroundings and is easily noticeable so it is important that the right color and quality of paint will be used to make your house blend as close as possible. Sometimes paint color and design for a small house is not compatible for big house that is why a thorough research is needed before starting the project thus keeping you from future expenses. 

The job doesn’t stop after this very challenging because you have to clean up the mess that the paint caused, but don’t worry you can always hire a professional cleaning team to make the job easier.