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Not all paint colors and styles are suitable for every house, each house has its own unique designs that give a positive over all appearance. Paint is one of the things that any home owner can do to make an ordinary house more appealing and give out its natural beauty. But there are things that need to be considered before painting a house when it comes to house type, designs and especially the size of your house. Painting your house is easy as long as there is proper planning and determining the challenges that needs utmost attention.  There are some difference between painting a large house and a small house that should be given importance to get the best result. These differences may seem negligible to others but it may later on affect the overall look of your house.


Most small homes are stylish, cozy and low maintenance but sometimes are not taken into consideration because of their limited space. Houses with limited interiors are sometimes challenging to paint but choosing the right paint color and pattern can make a tight space look wider. There  are ways on how to maximize the surface of a small house for painting that wont limit from using white or light colors only instead, using other paint colors that will complement existing house accessories and lighting. Any paint color can work on any small homes and any light color for exterior walls will make your small home look larger while painting it with dark color will make your home shrink more, but using combination of these colors it will give your house a strong appeal. Temperature inside small houses rises quickly than in large house during hot season and the best way to minimize heat inside your house is painting house exteriors with white or light color to reflect heat and light that helps in keeping you house cool.


When it comes to value, large houses are the expensive ones compared to small houses, but there are tweaks that you can do to further increase the value of your house if you are looking to part ways with it. Choosing the right color combination of paint is important to get the first impression of potential buyers it is the cheapest investment with high returns. Detailing your small house from top to bottom will significantly add value and avoid too much dark color on top areas. Choosing the right kind of paint for a specific type of weather is also important for instance, use warm paint color during cooler days but make sure use paint color that complement other materials and furniture inside your house. Not only paint colors add value but different sheen and finish also. But for home owners that are in doubt and no experience in painting it will be a best move to ask help from professionals.


Most small houses are built beside each other and often have the same designs and paint color. But if you’re planning to change the color of your house, choose the paint color that will set your house apart but wont clash with you neighbors house paint color. Do a thorough planning on what color to use, pick the color that coordinates with your surroundings. If you have a small house and surrounded by tress and vegetation, choose a color that blends in with the overall look, but don’t use paint color that will make your house unnoticeable.


People with small homes often do the painting themselves and sometimes applying the wrong paint on a specific area resulting into paint getting damage and ended up spending more. Because of the tight space, applied paint can get damaged easily due to abrasion and get bumped by things all the time especially hallways and high traffic areas inside the house. Choosing the right paint for a specific area around the house is necessary to prevent newly fresh paint getting damaged easily and avoid frequent retouching and cleaning. There are certain types of paint that is suitable for high traffic areas and areas always exposed to moisture and dirt, these paints provides durable surfaces and easy to clean.


Most surfaces of a small house can be reached by just using extension pole, and small ladders, but there are still challenges that needs special attention. Painting in small area may cause serious effect on health because of fumes from paint and thinners and because heat can build up easily on small spaces it speeds up the release of toxic fumes from paint especially working on hot weather and poor ventilation.  Although most paints nowadays are water based, but doesn’t give the gloss that oil based have. Opening the windows may help reduce accumulation of fumes and using dust or filter mask to avoid inhaling. Using safety gears while working is also necessary to avoid any injuries and because a small house has a small space there’s a risk from working on very awkward positions on tight spaces.