There are hundreds of paint colors to choose from but choosing the right color could be hard. But most people always choose their favorite color, what’s soothing to the eyes, or just by looking at other houses you could already tell if that color suits you thus avoiding you regretting in choosing the paint color. Some would prefer that classic look, a very simple paint job. If you are to paint your house and don’t have that skills try painting it with flat paint because overlapping and imperfections will not be noticeable. Don’t paint your house that will become a laughing stock of your neighbors. Do some research or ask some experts.


Roof are sometimes the starting point of a paint job. Instead of going for the traditional gray, black or red roof I would choose off-white or light colors same with exterior walls, its saves energy by minimizing the use of air conditioning during hot season because according to some studies white or light colors tends to bounce back the light and heat keeping your house cool if your living near the tropics or during summertime, it is called white wash. Lighter colors will make your house look wider.  If you want to protect any woodwork outside it’s best to use varnish or acrylic enamel paint because of its glossy finish and it helps protect it from weathering. You can also paint darker colors on exterior walls with a light color for the trim that will definitely make it stand out from its surroundings and is also good in hiding imperfections. Darker colors will make your house look smaller. But it will also depend on how your trim or accent color blends. Below are some suggested exterior house colors. OFF-WHITE, LIGHT BLUE, YELLOW, GRAY, BEIGE, LIGHT BROWN, LIGHT GREEN, RUBY RED,


 I will go with high-gloss off-white or high-gloss light color with a smooth texture on the alley ways because it will give a clean appearance, and you can shade them with darker colors if you want that vibrant look. It is also easy to clean with just a damp cloth. But if you live on colder climate you should choose darker colors because it is good on maintaining heat.


 Choose low gloss off white or jade green on living rooms because it will serve as a base color if you want to decorate or put shades on it and will be a very good canvass for decorating or putting an art for that sophisticated look. Low gloss paint is suitable on low traffic areas of the house.


 Some people use flat or matte dark color for the ceiling for that elegant look and others use paint that are lighter than the walls to make the entire room look wide and give that comfortable feeling.


 If you want a soothing look you can choose a light color as well for the shading light colors such as pink, light blue or yellow is always a choice in a room because of its romantic feeling or you could go for a light green which is good for the eyes. White is commonly used for that simplicity look and give your room a more wider look especially if you have a small room. Painting darker colors on a small room might overwhelm the entire space and it may look smaller. If you have kids you might want a sporty color such as high-gloss bright red or light orange which are oil based because kids tend to wiped or write on walls. Oil based paint are easy to clean.


For kitchen you can use semi-gloss yellow because it will resemble a newly baked fresh bread. You can also try using light green for that fresher environment.  In bathroom you can use semi-gloss light blue for that breezy look and semi-gloss is perfect on moisture prone areas. Here are some examples of interior paint colors you might wanna look at.

Blue green, Light gray, Yellow (for kitchen), Turquoise, Navy blue, Mint green, Off-white

You can choose from 2 types of paint either water based or oil based paint. Latex a term used for water based paint is widely used on house exteriors because of its durability against harsh weather. There is never really wrong if you choose latex or enamel. It solely depends on your taste. Oil based paint are popular on wood, furniture and doors because of their glossy finish.Below are more specific types of paint you may want to consider.

Matte Paint - Standard paint for walls because of its ability to hide imperfections. Heavy Texture. Sharp color. But dirt and dust can easily stick to it and cleaning is not easy. Use flat paint of areas that don’t need frequent cleaning.

Eggshell and satin paint - Slightly glossy, can also be used on walls, kitchens and even on bathrooms because of its high moisture tolerance.

Semi-Gloss Paint – One of the most reflective finish , very durable and can resist stains. Suited for trimming, woodwork and doors.

High- Gloss Paint – The toughest of the paint and an excellent stain resistant and very easy to clean. Ideal for places inside the house with most Traffic like hallways, staircases, and play rooms or spaces that are prone to a lot of wear and tear.                       

But there are always hundreds of other colors to choose from and you can always ask your local sellers what is the best paint and color. But if you are not sure of what color you would like you might wanna buy a small amount of paint first and try it out on a small surface and see if that is the right scheme for you.Decorating your house using paint is a bit hard for beginners  and you can hire expert to do it, even selecting the best color can give you a headache.But the feeling of doing something done yourself is always rewarding which you can search online different ideas on painting and what color is best. Sometimes simple is more beautiful.