DIY Personalize your room

personalized room with DIY crafts.jpg

Your bedroom is a place where you have all the freedom to be creative. It is a spot where you can experiment with your personal style. Whatever style you want to achieve, whether you want to create a chic vibe, calm or simple, woodsy feel, your decoration helps you make your vision turn to a reality.

Good thing, there’s a lot of decorations can be made by yourself. DIY crafts are very popular nowadays. From wall hangings to ottomans to cushions, you can make the most out of your style and avoid spending too much. Even just simple things can serve as a decoration in your room.

Here are some of the things that you can do to personalize your room:

Give your room a fresh coat of paint. You can opt for accent walls or plain ones just make sure to choose the right color for your space. 

Create your own personalized decor to make it even more special. A bit of accent such as metal prints or customized pillows that includes pictures of your family, friends, pets and even your favorite places will help your space dash with love and warmth.

You can also put photos on your walls, this is one way of displaying them with a personal touch. You can use decorative strings or jewelry cords to make a geometric photo holder then secure the picture using small binder clips.

Wanna create attractive walls designs? You can simply use washi tapes. Don’t you know that you can also decorate an accent wall using a washi tape? You can simply use different colors of tape and with all kinds of different designs on it. Creating a geometric design is easier to get right.

Teacup candles can also be a great decor. Use vintage teacups and melt wax in it to make a unique candle for your bedroom. Opt for matching tea cups or combined the designs, but it depends on what kind of vibe you want to achieve in your room.

Create colorful cushions. Looks for fabric scraps and sew them together. This cushion can be used as a foot rest or an extra seat on the floor.

Create personalized vases. Using old bottles and colorful designs it can be a rainbow like vase. You can use buttons from old clothes or paper cuttings and paints. Decorate the plain bottle and turn it into a cheerful one then you can put flowers in it.

Make a handcrafted dreamcatcher that has a round hoop, feathers, yarn and beads . Opt for neutral colors such as cream and brown to achieve that classic look or you can make a colorful one to brighten up your room.

Fashion string art made of nails, colorful strings and a wood board. Go for the shape that suits your taste and vibe of the room that you want to achieve then crate the piece using the colors that you want.

If you love putting up reminders for yourself, creating an artistic cork board can add a personal touch to your room. Cut the cork board in whatever shape best fits the design of your room and layer it with paint to make it colorful.

To be put on top of a dresser, desk or even just for vanity, make a tray with personal touch. Using metallic paints or bright colors, cover a stenciled design for more attractive look.

If you love reading books, a corer shelf is perfect for you. Store your books and favorite magazines in there and put your personalized cushion nearby so you can sit on it, relax and enjoy reading your favorite book.

Most girls have that tiny accessories, you want something artistic to store your accessories? Create colorful basket by crocheting. There’s a lot you can make when you are crocheting.

You can also turn old jam jars into a piece of art. Add colors and designs to it paint, beads, paper cuttings or even washi tape. Then you can already store extra coins here, you hair clips, small accessories, or even phone charger, pens and pencil.

Paper cut outs on the wall. You can cut out small circles in a bronze colored paper and stick it on your wall to create polka dot designs, or cut animal figures and shapes then put it on your kid’s room.

Put on fairy lights in your room. You can put it on your wall form a shape and secure your fairy lights with a glue gun or you can just hang it from the ceiling to form a mini chandelier.

You love earrings? Do you want to organize them as easy as 1, 2, 3? look for an old cheese grater. Paint it with any color that you want then hang your earrings by pair in the holes on it.

Create an artistic laundry bag using your old pillow case. Use an embroidery hoop to attach the pillow case and hang it on, now you can enjoy your stylish laundry bag.

So there you go, simple ideas that can make a big change in the appearance and feels of your bedroom. Most important of all is to keep your space clean and organized all the time.