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A proper planning on moving into a new apartment is the best way to keep track of everything. Moving to a new place is exciting but at the same time stressful. Be sure to inform your current landlord about your plans in moving out at least a month. It will not take just one day to move everything from one place to another and there is no other way around in moving to a new apartment, but there are steps to follow for a smooth transition. 


Plan ahead before moving day rather than preparing a day before as you'll be wasting more time in looking for everything when you arrive at your new apartment. Empty boxes, packing tapes, markers, bubble wraps and plastic wraps are the first things you need to have to start organizing everything. There are local stores that sell used
boxes or you can ask your friends or families for spare boxes to avoid aditional expenses. Check your new apartment if the space is enough to fit all your stuff, otherwise you can start putting them in one place to be packed altogether and give them to your friends, families or donate to charities or thrift stores, the fewer things you pack the better. It will be the best time to open a garage sale and earn a little money. 

Empty your fridge and cabinets from food by cooking meals and use the food you have left before you move out and don’t buy anymore groceries at least a week to avoid throwing out more food. There are cases that you might need to seek help from professional cleaner to save your reputation, leave the apartment cleaned and properly emptied also to avoid fines.

Search for moving company weeks or a month before moving date, this way you’ll be able to find moving companies that fits your budget. Call your friends and families to help you out in sorting things, and packing, you might find things that you don’t need anymore that they can use.

Set aside things that you still need daily and start on things that are kept on drawers and cabinets. Remember that packing things are not easy and sometimes can take a lot longer than you think. If you have been living for a long period of time on your old apartment, there is a chance that you’ve been acquiring a lot of stuff that sometimes are used only once and you don’t have use for them anymore. Checking room by room for miscellaneous things that need to be packed first is another way of sorting things for easy packing. Take out clothes from lockers and laundry room that you don’t need daily and sort them. If you have extra sheets, blankets, pillows and stuff toys sort them and ready for packing but put those in one place that it would be easy to find if you still need to use them. 

Pack things by category is the way to organize everything. Start with clothes, after sorting all your clothes based on size, fabric, color and use, line them up on their assigned boxes and suitcases. Be sure to leave clothes that you are going to wear daily. Fold or bundle your clothes for easy packing and put them inside the box and label or put a sign, you can use plastic wrap to cover your clothes to prevent them from getting wet or damaged during moving and travel. For clothes that are still in hangers, you can use large garbage bags and wrap them for easier unpacking.

Collect all books, magazines and miscellaneous items followed by kitchen supplies and then picture frames, hanging decors, and counter displays. You can use old clothes to wrap knifes and other sharp kitchen utensils to avoid damaging the box. Extra bed sheets are also ideal to wrap glass and easy to break counter displays and picture frames. You can use books, magazines and scrap papers to fill gap space inside the box. If you happen to have or access to a shredder then shredded scrap papers can be used to protect fragile items and electronics. 

Electronics are some of the most valued possession inside the house and putting them inside the box would be difficult if you happen to throw the box that comes with it. Using a bubble wrap will protect your electronics from damage during moving or during travel. Shredded paper will come in handy as long as it is compacted inside the box to prevent electronics from moving during travel. Before preparing any electronics for packing, you can take photos of complicated wire and cable connections for reference for easy re connection later on. 

Plates should place in a vertical position inside the box with cramped paper at the bottom, sides, top and in between plates. For glass kitchen wares, vases, antiques, picture frames and hanging decor with glass, wrap them individually with bubble wrap and place cramped paper on the bottom, sides and on top. 

Always place heavier items on the bottom first then lighter on top. Wrap the entire box with tape and never forget to write fragile and this side up. Be sure to label immediately the box after you put designated items on it. You can also write on the side of the box of what is inside to help the movers determine of what inside the box and for proper stacking. Keep track on the boxes you have by writing number on each box.

It will be a good gesture to your current landlord and the new renter to clean your old apartment and to avoid losing your old landlord’s trust, who knows you might need your old landlord for future reference.

Make sure to update your address on your bank accounts, credit card, mail, deliveries, renters insurance and other subscriptions. These are some small things that some forget to update before moving and be sure to let your friends and family know your new address.