Why is it necessary to have good doors?

Our castle is our home and we need to make sure that it has to be fully customized and optimized to fit our needs. However, as different as many features, and wishes might be concerning about the type of furniture, kitchen tile, shower or bath tub decisions might be for home owners, there are common elements everyone is looking for. Quality wooden doors are sturdy, steel doors can provide excellent security choices, while fiberglass doors does not need maintenance, they are rough, and works well with humid climate. Always remember that your front entrance is more important than the side or the back door. As it gets more attention of the people passing by your house so you should make sure that the lock on it is sturdy, of high quality and if possible installed by a professional. If you need help, visit website pages and get in touch with a team of professional locksmiths no matter where you live. Lockmsith Key will provide you with licensed, bonded, and inexpensive costs no matter what service you might be interested in so you can make sure your new house is fully secured. Now let’s talk about how exterior doors Impact your whole home. If you want to make a great first impression, you need to have a great front door. 

There are a few reason you won’t want to ignore this essential home design feature. First it displays your style and personality. People usually misinterpret that only one or two styles of doors will work with the rest of a home’s design scheme. The truth is that you can mix and match styles, colors, shapes, and sizes to give your home some real personality. The door can complement the look of the rest of the home, or serve as a bold point of contrast. You can also use your selection of door to fit in with the look of the rest of the neighborhood, or to stand out from the pack. Front doors have the dual purpose of inviting people in and keeping people out. At the same time, that a quality door can catch the attention of neighbors and buyers, it can dissuade the attention of burglars. Front doors will remain as the common entry point for intruders. If the door looks old, frail, worn out and can anyone can easily break in it is already considered as invitation for the thieves.

The actual work involved in painting a door usually takes three to five hours, it depends on the door’s condition and how particular you are. If we add up the drying process it is going to be a one day project. It is important to do it first thing in the morning so you can put it back before the day ends because we all can’t live without our exterior doors or our bathroom door. Painting paneled doors is very challenging. But there are tips to somewhat make it a bit easier. Here are the steps on how to efficiently paint doors 

When choosing a paint color you need to consider the sheen as well. Scuffs and hand prints are difficult to wipe out if you use a flat finish. High gloss is easier to clean but it will highlight every little flaw, so you have to make sure that you prep and paint perfectly. Satin and semigloss are good compromise choices. If it rubs against the jamb or drags on the carpet then you have to sand or plane the edges. And if you have several doors to work on start with the most important one.   

Remove all the hardware. Slice through paint buildup around hinges and latches. So that you will not splinter the surrounding wood when removing the hardware. Professional painter usually paint doors in place. But from prep to painting you can usually get the best results if you remove the door. Make sure to work in a space wherein you can control the lighting and you can get better drying conditions.

You have to lay the door flat so you can avoid runs on it. Then clean the door with  a household cleaner. Remove all hardware including the doorknob to get a neater paint job. Fill dents and holes with a sandable filler such as MH Ready Patch. You’ll probably have to fill deep dents twice to compensate for shrinkage. Remove the old paint. Use a product that is intended to remove paint splatter.

Sand the door smooth. On flat areas, level out the old runs and brush marks using a hard sanding block. For the shaped profiles, you will need the help of sanding pads, sponges and scraps of sandpaper. If the door is in good condition all you have to do is light sanding with sandpaper or a sanding sponge (180 or 220 grit). Also check for hipped paint and imperfections from previous paint jobs because you have to smooth them out as well.

Make sure to prime the entire door. If the previous paint is no longer in perfect condition, you have to prime before painting. It helps in blocking stains, muting dark colors and gives the new paint a great stick. It can also seal porous fillers that makes the topcoat looks smoother and even. Make sure not to do spot priming because the topcoat will turnout to be blotchy. Now if you need to cover a color or painting using a new color (you can use anything other than white), you can use gray tinted primer rather than using a white primer. When your new primer dries up check for flaws you can use a strong light to help you better in spotting them. If there’s any cover it with more repair compound. Then sand and apply primer once again on those spots using the same brush or paint rollers, feather the edges to make the primer blend in.

Sand between coats. Even a professional painter gets ridges or bubbles and will find dust and lints on their work. To get the best result hand sand the entire door after priming and between every coating. After sanding make sure to vacuum and wipe the door using a damp cloth to remove all the dust.

Just a tip if you want to get a smoother finish you can use a special mini roller. Best way to avoid brush marks is not to use brush. Instead you can use high density foam mini rollers that can spread the paint evenly and smoothly. Its rounded ends helps you paint into corners without leaving scrapes or ridges. Use a brush first when painting the edges around the door then coat the rest using the foam roller.

Lastly you have to protect your newly painted door from sticking. Door can dry in just a day but it can’t be cured that fast there’s a great chance of it sticking up to the doorstop or weather stripping especially when you have to put it back for your security. You have two options to protect doors from sticking either you will remove the weather stripping or cover it with painter’s tape.