How to improve home’s value

Here are simple tips to increase your home’s value without spending too much: 

Seek an advice from a professional. Ask a realtor or an interior designer to go over and inspect your home. Most realtors can do this for free, but if you are going to seek an advice from an interior designer most likely you have to pay a consultation fee. It normally range from $50 to $500 per hour, check this article for more details. In an hour of consultation you can already learn a lot of ideas on how to improve your home. Even minor suggested improvements, just like paint colors or furniture arrangement, can make a great difference towards improving the look and feel of your home.

Check everything in your house. Improving your home is not just all about cosmetics. The framework of the house also needs to be checked. Outworn electrical systems, deteriorating roofs, outdated HVAC system or termite infestation. You won’t be able to repair those damages if you won’t find out that they are broken. You will need the help of an inspector you should hire one so everything that you do not normally see can be checked for you. Buyers can possible find out hidden damages and it will surely result to a negative impact when it comes to your home value. Minor problems like hidden water leak can turn out to be a bigger and expansive problem right away, the quicker you look for a way to repair those kinds of problems the lesser money you are going to spend, because if you will wait longer before fixing it the damage will become bigger and will cost you more for the repair value.  

Apply a fresh coat of paint. This is the most basic, cost efficient way of improving your home’s appearance at the same time it increases its value. Newly painted rooms look clean and updated at the same time it increases the home value. If you are selecting paint colors, always remember that neutrals looks great for most people, it simply means that neutrals can make your home more desirable. Normally, a paint costs around $25 per gallon, that leaves you enough money to buy some rollers, painter's tape, drop cloths and brushes. But enough knowledge and proper paintings skills is needed. To save time and effort it is a good idea to hire a professional painter.  

Look for an inspiration. If you do not want to pay for an interior designer you can simply look for an inspiration to the designing by yourself. The most effective way is to do extensive research or remodeling and decorating motivation using design-oriented magazines, books, TV shows and websites. Keep it simple but catchy.  

Cut energy costs. Your monthly bill for energy consumption is likely to be fixed amount, but there are local utility companies that can provide free energy audits to their consumer’s home. They can share their knowledge to you on how to maximize the energy efficiency of your home. A home that is efficient when it comes to energy will be more valuable and marketable asset in the long run.

Have plants around your home. Even though you are not planning t sell your house yet just think about the future. You can do a bit of landscaping and it will be a great improvement over time. Plant trees, this will not only make you home more desirable when you put it on the market but it provide shading and can help you cut the energy cost, it will help you to have a cooler place that can cut as much as 40% on your energy cost.

Mature landscaping can benefit our environment and it is a good way of giving a necessary home for wildlife at the same time it adds to the valuable curb appeal of your home. 

Easy to care landscaping can give you savings for now and will add value to your property when you sell it. Bushes and colorful plants can definitely add up to the attractiveness of any home. But before buying plants at your local garden store always remember to “think green” buy plants that are local to your place so that it will not require much maintenance it simply means that it can add up to your savings.  

Enhance the air quality inside your home. When we say air quality it is not just all about the outdoor conditions of a property. Old carpets can hide allergens and contaminants. To verify if your carpet needs to be replaced you should hire a professional company they will conduct an indoor air quality test. If it will turns out that you need to replace your carpets opt for eco friendly natural products such as tile or laminated floors. It is easier to keep the floors clean if they are hard surface, they doesn’t hold odors, it will give your home a new appearance and most of all it will be more attractive to buyers.  

Grubby garden and lawn make a negative impression. Plants that grown wild is not a nice thing to see in a garden. No one wants to grow a jungle outside their house. For a lesser fee hire a gardener to clear out your jungle your home’s appearance will turn from a messy one to a well maintained garden.

Simple cleaning makes a great difference. The old saying that goes “you only get one shot at a first impression” is really true. For a friendly price hire a cleaning service company to get that spotless clean home. Even if you do the regular cleaning by yourself there are spots that you might miss out. Leave the job to the amazing cleaners in your area. Here are the top three cleaning companies in Chicago.  


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