How to keep a pet friendly home

We can’t deny that pets can be a great companion for us adults and for kids as well. In addition, increasing scientific evidences shows that aside from being a great companion, pets can also help to keep their owners healthy and fit. It is regarded as truth that pets can be a great help when it comes to faster recover for patients with serious illness. Sad but this is the truth, not everyone loves pets because there are some people who believes that pets can cause allergies to elderly people and kids but little did they know that it is scientifically proven kids growing with their pets are less likely to suffer from asthma and allergies. There are lots of benefits of having a pet in your home.    

Pets can lift your mood. You may not be aware or even won’t believe it but pets are considered as the amazing way to enhance your mood and temperament. Based on a study people with pets who suffers from different illnesses are less likely to experience depression compared to those patients with the same sickness but doesn’t have any pets at home  

Pets can help to manage blood pressure. According to health experts dog owners have lower blood pressure and heart rates compared to non dog owners.The positive effects of this is the need to take medicines is reduced and it also lessens the triglyceride and cholesterol levels.  

Means of exercise. If you want to go for a walk but feels a bit lonely walking alone dogs can be your partner because they love going out for a walk and most of them will even push you to go for a walk even though you are already tired as a result it will keep you fit and have an active lifestyle. The same with the rest of the things that you do for a dog like feeding, bathing, playing and even cleaning their cages are forms of exercise.

Pets are remedy for loneliness. A pet can love their owner more than themselves especially dogs. Whether you are feeling low or lonely, pets will always be there for you. Even you cry your heart out and tell them your deepest darkest secrets it will be 100% safe with them. 

Pets are known to be the best stress reliever and they can also reduce anxiety levels. According to experts spending time with your pets can relieve stress and depression. 

Studies have shown that pet owners have longer life span than those who are not. 

Can develop better social skills. If you want to improve your social skills. You can start by having a pet, it is believed that pet owners are better when it comes to social relationships.

Feel secured. If you own a dog at home it is a good idea because they can be a great help when it comes to your safety. They are way better compared to burglar alarm.

Pets gives us many great benefits and positivity in life, so in return we must make sure that we have a pet friendly home.

Our pets can fill our hearts and homes with love, but not only that they can also fill our homes with their fur, mess and odors. Based on a research conducted by North Carolina State University their researchers found out that houses with dogs have higher levels of bacteria and even more types of bacteria can build up in it compared to those without dogs. It says that the most detectable dog-related microbes are found in pillowcases and TV screens.

A Seattle-based certified trainer for named Mikkel Becker said "Their coats act like big, hairy slippers, and they bring everything from the outside in."

It is very possible to have a clean and animal odor free home even though you are keeping a pet with you in your house, just make sure that they have regular grooming and efficient cleaning and we have our experts when it comes to home cleaning for Chicago area you can check this amazing companies Chicago Cleaning Services Company, Always Green Cleaning Services and Sparkly Maid cleaning Services. For Seattle area one of the best cleaning company is Divine Maids.

Use the proper type of fabric for you sofa or couch. Choose either a leather couch or a microfiber one , because these are the types of fabrics that are easier to clean compared to silk that can easily be stained or the velvet one which fur can easily stick on it because it is like a fur magnet.  

Clean up the fur. Your pets fur can be found in every corner of your home, but you can easily clean this up using the appropriate type of a vacuum cleaner. Make sure that you clean up from corner to corner.

Clean up their mess right away. Proper cleaning can keep your house odor free even though you have pets in your home. Spot clean the mess right away, use a cloth or paper towel to clean up any solid or liquid mess and using a washcloth wipe it out, use water to soften any hard stains or mess. After it dries up use a common house hold cleaner or enzymatic cleaner to cannibalize the organic materials that are the source of bad odor.

Replace the litter box regularly. Cats doesn’t want to use a dirty litter box. If you own a cat remember to clean the litter box and replace the litter sand daily if you have two cats and they share one litter box you should do the cleaning and replacing twice a day. Even if it is too early to clean but you can already smell the odor better change the litter sand right away. If the odor sticks to the litter box try to use a litter deodorizer.

Clean your pet regularly. Giving them a bath at least once a week or even every two weeks will help a lot in maintaining a clean and odor free home.

Clean your pet beds. You should get a washable pet bet and make sure to wash them once a month.