How to keep your carpet clean

There are so many floor covering choices available today, it is sometimes hard to decide what to use on your floor. For instance, choosing between a carpet and hardwood. Other people are thinking if carpet has any advantages over any types of hard surface floors. However, every floor covering product has its own advantages and drawbacks, carpet has some evident benefits if compared to hard surfaces. Check these reasons why carpet may be your best option for floor covering. 


Carpet posses a style of its own. From fancy and classy to casual and comfy, it can enhance a space and give an entirely different feels, simply by changing the style of carpet.  


Hard surfaces does not offer flexibility underfoot, they don’t have the ability to act as shock absorber for your footsteps. There’s a bit of a jolt each time you take a step on a hard surface because the pressure of your impact is absorbed by your foot rather than the floor. Compared to hard surfaces walking on a carpet feels nice, you can even sit and lay on it because of its texture and softness.  


Carpet gives excellent insulation value to a room, compared to to a hard surface flooring materials. It reduces the heat loss, that means it helps in saving when it comes to heating expenses. Especially in areas that experiences winter.  


You can hear louder sounds if there is no carpet in the space. You will notice that the sound tends to bounce off the walls and create an echo in the room. It is because hard surfaces cannot absorb sound the way that soft surfaces just like carpets can. Carpet contributes to a much quieter space.


Most hard surfaces are slippery, and it really hurts to land on when slips and falls do happen. Carpet not only gives a soft landing surface that is very helpful especially baby’s rooms and it also helps In preventing some falls in the first place, commonly on stairs.  


All floor coverings ranges from various qualities and price points. As a result, there is no certain floor covering type that can guarantee to be more or less expensive compared to others. Despite that, overall, carpet usually costs lesser compared to hard surface floors. 

Most of hard surface flooring products, like the solid hardwood and vinyl floor, needs special preparation prior to installing it. Certain sub-floor requirements needs to be met, or existing flooring must be coated prior the installation. And the best thing is that carpet can eliminates these methods, because it can be installed over a variety of sub-floors, with far less tough requirements. This saves a great deal of cost and time.   

It is very important to keep your carpet clean just follow these simple steps below: 

Clean you carpet regularly. You have to vacuum it regularly. Carpets can easily catch debris and dirt, that can cause damage if left uncleaned. Keep it clean by vacuuming it regularly. Dirt and debris gets caught in carpet easily, and can cause damage if left in carpet long term. Regular vacuuming is one of the best means to keep carpet clean. Buy a quality vacuum to make sure that you can remove all the debris and dirt on your carpet. Schedule it at least once a week and make sure to clean the entire area including the parts under the rugs and furniture. To get rid of odor us ea baking soda and sprinkle it on the floor prior to vacuuming.  It can help absorb odors. This can make your carpet smell fresh in and look clean. Clean stains as soon as it occurs. If there’s a stain, deal with it right away. Whatever kind of spill needs swift action before the substance sets in. Use your chosen cleaner to the spill and gently dab it on with a clean rag. Continue dabbing the spill until its dry and then vacuum the area. Always remember to use a white or neutral colored towel to clean the stain to avoid dye getting on your carpeting. For best cleaning result and experience it is recommended to hire a professional carpet cleaner occasionally. Thou you clean your carpet regularly, the professional have the skills, technique and equipment to ensure that your carpet will be totally cleaned. You can easily look for the top carpet cleaning companies in your local area. Just make sure to do your research and check on customer reviews before hiring one.  

Preventing stains and spills. Carpet is always exposed to different kinds of dirt and contaminants. In order to protect carpet, you need to use rugs and runners. It doesn’t mean that you need to cover the carpeting but just place a rug in the area which is prone to spills like dining area, under the table and areas where children usually plays. Make sure to train your pets and always use repellents. Pet urine is very unpleasant and became worst in the long run if cannot be properly cleaned. Train them to urinate outside and always use repellents on your carpets to make your pets stay away from your carpets. Take off your shoes upon entering your house as they carry dirt with them. Also encourage guests to do the same. Don’t bring stain causing items near your carpet like beverages and foods. Also encourage kids to play away from the carpet. Prevent stains from occurring is the best way to keep it clean. Never rub stains on the carpet. Every time you remove a stain, stick to dabbing motions and never rub a stain. Rubbing will not remove the stain, it will only spread into the carpet, making it worse. Don’t use carpet powders to eliminate unwanted scents on the carpet. Because powders leave residue in the carpet that can damage it in the long run. You can use baking soda to remove an unwanted smell. 

These simple preventive steps will help you in keeping your carpet clean and looking good.