How to keep your kitchen clean

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The most important space in your house is the kitchen your family’s day-to-day living is centered there. We can’t deny the fact that most of our days starts in our kitchen when you prepare your family’s breakfast or grab a cup of coffee for yourself. All of use deserve to start a day in a peaceful and quiet place. Most of us do not just prepare food in the kitchen but most of the time we eat our meals there. Your visitors and family members usually get together in the kitchen to interact, eat, and cook together. Home’s kitchen is a bonding place that does not only bonds your home together but it also tightens your family ties. 

When you spend more time in the kitchen it can also be good for your health and as well as to your family’s health. Based on the study made by Cambridge, your life span increases when you always prepare your food at home.  

We can benefit well from eating home cooked food. Kitchen is not only the center of family’s interaction but it is an area where children can learn social skills and manners that will definitely  help them to interact with other people. Eating at home with your family especially when you have children plays a vital role, because a family that eats together can talk over everything that happened during the day and if there are problems you can discuss and work them out together.  

When you have young children, preparing food for them and eating at home with them regularly gives them several health benefits. A daily quality conversation at home over a meal with your family especially with children can keep them out from alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes. Similar survey showed that the children who regularly eats at home with their whole family gets higher grades and not only that it also shows that they are happier compared to those kids who can’t eat at home with their families.  

Maintaining a beautiful kitchen simply means that you are taking care of your family’s health and also investing happiness in your family. An effective and attractive kitchen can invite family and guests into the very core of your home and surround them in warmth of your home.  

Nowadays kitchen is considered as the new living room. Kitchen is where the entertainment happens. It is a place that when people meet, two things can happen and that’s food and conversations. Kitchen lets you to do both things in just one place. You will no longer prepare food alone in the kitchen because theses days what normally happens is that your friends just walk into your kitchen, share some drinks with you and help you prepare your delicious recipes.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your kitchen, together with the worktops and chopping boards, is important to keep food safe because bacteria can grow and spread easily in the kitchen. A well-maintained and clean kitchen is not only pleasing for the eyes, but is also important to your overall well-being. Here are the important things to know on how to keep your kitchen clean: 

Always keep the sink empty. If you used a glass or a plate you have to wash it immediately. Or if you have a dishwasher rinse the things that you used right away and put them in the dishwasher.  

Put coasters underneath the jars. Use coasters below stuffs like honey and jam jars to take a hold of drips so you don not have to worry about any sticky mess that might get on other things when you search through the cupboards.                                                           

You should never work right on your counter top. If you are going to chop vegetables, please use a cutting board and in preparing raw meat use a rimmed baking sheet so that you can just put it into the dishwasher. If you are going to roll out a dough or pastry roll it over wax or parchment paper so you can just simply throw it after using. 

Use a scrap bowl and a garbage bowl as you prep. Put vegetable trimmings and peels into the scrap bowl when you’re making dinner. This simply that you are less likely to leave a mess and you can easily throw the garbage in one trip.  

Keep the trash can within your reach. This will let everyone throw their garbage easily and no longer put it anywhere in the kitchen but just inside the trash can.  

Have wipes available all the time and use them. This will help you deal with splatters and spills easily. After cooking or preparing food just grab one and wipe the sink, faucet, and counter tops. If there are drips on the floor wipe them right away too.  

Floor mats are not just for the door entrance but they are also useful in the kitchen especially near your kitchen sink and anywhere that you prepare food. Use them to catch spills and crumbs to avoid spreading them. Just a tip use a floor mat that has a non-slip backing.  

Most important thing of all is to have a regular schedule for deep cleaning especially in the areas at home with high traffic like the kitchen.  

These simple steps needs to be followed every time you’re working in the kitchen to easily maintain its cleanliness. You may also want to learn how to decorate your bedroom click here and if you also want to learn how to clean your carpet you can check this link.