How to maintain a clean and organized home?

It feels good to enter your own home especially when everything is clean and in order. A clean home can also guarantee the safety and the health of the people living in it. A clean home can give you a clearer and more relaxed mind. Our home is a reflection of ourselves. It simply proves that the way way we treat our homes is the way we treat ourselves and our family. When cleaning you are also doing a physical activity, when you get rid of some stuffs that requires more physical action like dragging a bag of trash, rearranging stuffs inside the house and scrubbing the floors are just some of the cleaning tasks releases endorphin in your brain that can improve your health and happiness. Moreover, throwing junk will give enough space inside your home. Regular cleaning can get rid of germs and allergens which are the number one cause of sickness. These sickness causing germs can be found in the surfaces of our homes especially in the dirty areas. Most of the things that we do brings germs in the house, touching surfaces from doorknobs, tables, taking off your clothes or even your shoes, using the toilet, throwing left overs, and even touching the TV remote control, these daily routine that we do creates germs. But through by regularly cleaning and proper disinfection can kill up to 98 percent of the germs and you can keep your family healthy. Cleaning your home improves the indoor air quality. The air inside your home can be affected by accumulated dust bunnies, mildew and animal dander. 

 A clean and neat home is a pleasing home. Arranging make you prioritize the qualities of the house. Instead of seeing a stack of clutter or a sink full of dishes, your attention will be focused on hoe to make your home look clean and beautiful. A house that is full of clutter will make your life hard, finding a lost item will take much of your time. But a clean and well organized home will help you easily locate each and every stuff inside your home, this will save your time and effort.  

Always start you day right by making your bed. Some people might think that making bed is just a waste of time because you’re gonna use it anyway at bed time. But some people doesn’t know that making bed makes a great impact when it comes to the tidiness of a room. I mean who doesn’t want plunging into a clean crisp bed? Some of the top cleaning companies in Chicago is really good in making bed and cleaning your space that can definitely make you feel brand new each time you wake up. 

Be happy with what you are doing, be happy when cleaning and be glad to have a clean home. In that way it will be easier for you maintain the cleanliness of your home. Don’t just clean but do a deep cleaning. Kitchen and bathrooms are both high traffic areas where there’s a lot of bacteria and moisture build up compared to other spaces inside your home deep cleaning is necessary to make sure that these places are always clean and safe. Spray your bathroom with cleaner after each shower and give it a quick clean. Hang towels and bathrobes properly. You have to air dry them so you can reuse them.  

The are some who loves to clean and maintain the cleanliness but they can’t really keep up with doing heavy tasks or making to a point that they have a regular schedule. In these cases we have our cleaning services company to the rescue. Please check these top three cleaning companies in Chicago, you can book regular cleaning services with them.  




Arrange the couch pillows and make sure that your living room is clean and presentable. When people in your home stay too much in the living room most likely this area is always be cluttered. You can arrange it every end of each day, so whenever you wake up you will see your living home neat and clean.  

Wash the dishes right after every meal. Food left overs can cause germ build up and it will also make your kitchen smell bad. Load, run and empty your dishwasher. This will also help you maintain the cleanliness in your kitchen.  

Always keep the kitchen counters clean. As I have mentioned above that kitchen is a high traffic area and prone to moisture and germ build up. Make it a habit to always clean and keep your counter tops dry. When you prepare food always clean the counter tops right after the food preparation. 

Hang the clothes right away after wearing. Don’t just throw clothes anywhere if they can be worn more than once before laundry day you hang them. Keep dry clean and ready items in a separate side of your wardrobe. Each family member should have their own laundry basket. But it is better to have some extra hamper so you can separate the white clothes and have another one for linens. There are also some available hampers that has two baskets in each that way you can separate whites in advance.

Wash your laundry each day. Doing light tasks each day is easier than doing a tons of task in a single day each week. But depending on how many loads of laundry you do each week. If you have like more than five loads each weak you can definitely do one load each day that way your work will be easier and you will not have a mountain of laundry. And if there are any clothing that needs to be fold you should fold them while you have time don’t wait for it to gather and fold a stack of clothes.  

Take out your trash daily to prevent it from piling up and producing stinky odor inside your home, make it a habit to sweep the floors daily to clean up dust and allergens.

Keeping up to your daily household chores will make your cleaning routing a lot easier.