Lincoln Park’s favorite breakfast locale


Breakfast starts our metabolism, and helps us in burning calories all throughout the day. Breakfast also provides us with the energy that we need to do things and it helps us concentrate at work or at school. These are just some reasons why it’s the most important meal of the day.

A lot of studies have related eating breakfast to good health, that includes good memory and concentration, lower levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol, and lower chances of developing diabetes, heart disease, and being overweight.

Not eating breakfast can throw off our body’s rhythm of fasting and eating. Every time we get up each morning, the blood sugar that our body needs to make our muscles and brain to work well is normally low. That is why we need to eat breakfast helps reload it.

If our body cannot get that energy from food, we might feel running out of energy and we will be likely to eat more later in the day.

Breakfast also lets our body to acquire some vitamins and nutrients from healthy foods such as; dairy, grains, and fruits. If we don’t eat those foods, we can’t get all of the nutrients that our body needs.

A lot of people skip the morning meal because they are rushing to leave the house for work or school and that is wrong. We all need food in our system long before lunchtime. If we don’t eat in the morning, we will be hungry later on and will lead to craving for snack that contains high-fat and high-sugar. Here are some of the best restaurants that offers breakfast in Chicago:

Batter & Berries

Address: 2748 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60614-1321

Batter & Berries is driven by their passion for good food and people, and they are always there to serve people. They simply want to provide customers with delicious food, an exciting and inspiring atmosphere and to serve their customers with joy. Batter and Berries takes great pride in their menu composed of freshly prepared items as a matter of fact they crack eggs & shreds potatoes daily and collaborates it with other local artisans, purveyors & craftspeople to provide a truly unique experience.          

Batter & Berries was established in 2012 by Dr. Tanya & Craig Richardson that has a desire to add a wide - ranging world class restaurant to the high - spirited Chicago brunch scene. Their idea was simple, they want offer the freshest food possible with the taste that people would visit from all over the world to experience, and desire to come back for more. Batter & Berries is a supporter of community and local businesses, they have taken the concept to the next level with cultivated partnerships. They have collaborated with some local artisans, craftspeople and purveyors to give a uniquely Chicago experience. Check out Batter and Berries menu here.

Stan's Donuts and Coffee

Address: 2800 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60657-5208 

The president of the Labriola Baking Company, Rich Labriola, partnered with Stan Berman, the founder of Stan’s Donuts, to introduce the more than 50-year-old donut shop to the Midwest. Labriola, is a well-known Chicago baking company, that supplies high-end bread products together with the company’s famous pretzel bread to sellers and restaurants. Rich decided to reach out to Stan after she saw him on a TV travel show and she admired his passion for his donut business. The outcome of the new friendship bloomed into a partnership that aims to bring the classic California - style donuts to Chicago with a Labriola twist.

It started in 1963, Stan’s Donuts has been a centerpiece of Westwood Village in Los Angeles, California. The original branch has joyfully served everybody from Hollywood royalty like Elizabeth Taylor, Steve McQueen, and Ali McGraw to hungry UCLA students looking to be energized all night as they study their lessons. Check out their website and crave for their one of a kind food experience.

Frances' Deli

Address: 2552 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614-1712

This year Frances' Deli celebrates its 80th year of being a landmark in Lincoln Park. Frances' Deli is known to serve diners breakfast, lunch, and brunch even before the term “brunch” was widely used. Their delivery and carry - out services has always been patronized by people. Frances’ Deli is famous for its comfort food and old generation family recipes, and sandwiches that are too big to finish in jus one sitting. Experience Frances’ Deli and know know about them on their website.

Floriole Bakery        

Address: 1220 W Webster Ave, Chicago, IL 60614-3109 

Floriole started as a stand only at Chicago’s famous Green City Market, and for almost 5 years they sold their rustic, French pastries in a 10-by-10 tent. From then on they dreamed of having their own brick - and - mortar place, in 2010 their dream came true, they opened their nice looking cafe and bakery in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood.

Widening their market pastry food choices, Floriole’s menu now includes breads, sandwiches, salads and, more pastries. They stayed committed to using only the best ingredients available. Most ingredients are sourced directly from sustainable farms in the region. They only use organic flour and sugar, Valrhona chocolate, European-style butter and cage-free eggs. Floriole is forever thankful to the Green City Market for providing them a place to sell their very own products. Check out their freshly baked pastries here.

Jam and Honey

Address: 958 W Webster Ave, Chicago, IL 60614-3643

 Jam 'n Honey is known for giving new feels to traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner choices and brought the concept of the corner bistro to a totally new level of quality and flavor. The famous DePaul-area café is managed by the Ruffolo’s, one of Chicago's most ardent and successful restaurant families who also owns the Franco's Ristorante and Franconello's. The Ruffolo's are very dedicated to make mouthwatering and unforgettable dining experiences for each and every guest, all the time. Starting from fluffy pancakes and classic omelets up to spicy chorizo potato hash and juicy, handcrafted burgers and not only that they also have the Santa Fe chicken salad and the Jam 'n Honey’s signature chipotle BBQ pulled pork. Visit their place and you will discover an amazing array of appetizing choices any time of day. Visit their website to know more.