One of the most factor in making a beautiful house is choosing the right paint color that will last for years to come. It gives the first good impression. There are several factors to keep in mind in planning the color scheme you want, just like types of environment you have, the style of your house and any permanent structures around you that can’t be changed like stonework, brickwork, and aluminum fixtures. The colors you choose needs to blend in with these. Having a different weather sometimes can play a large part in choosing the colors for your house.


Almost everyone does not want to paint their houses during this weather because they worry about cold temperature can affect  the quality of the paint job and choosing the right color is hard. But it’s never too late to do this if you missed painting your house on summertime. There will be a couple of challenges in painting your house on cold weather and calling a professional painter to do this  is hard because of the cold weather, then you can follow this simple steps for a successful paint job. With a right combination of color scheme and right product then your house will surely be more attractive even on colder months.

House Exterior

- Painting your front house with a glossy white or off-white as the primary will surely be a welcoming site. Making your front door colorful by painting light green will uplift the surrounding features.  Accent of red, yellow or orange signifies warmth that mix well with the primary color and shades.

- A mix of gray,green and blue colors on the entrance are pleasing to the eyes with a yellow or orange warm undertones.

  House Interior

- Living rooms or recreational rooms are open rooms, using warm shades such as red, yellow or orange gives that inviting and cozy feeling. If your living room receives enough sunlight then a more saturated color is right because lighter color tends to be washed out. Try using a flat finish on living rooms flooded with sunlight to minimize the reflections. Green color is best for bedrooms because of its calming effect. You can pair green with a shade of gray for that sophisticated look that is great for winter and all year round.


Spring is almost everyone’s favorite, trees and flowers are blooming.  Searching for that paint color that will blend with the surroundings is endless. Below are some trending colors on springtime.

House Exterior

- When we think of spring we think of vibrant, colorful and refreshing colors. But you can also go for something classic but trendy like brown paired with white for trim or darker brown with light brown for the trim. If you want that springtime cheers a light yellow with a light blue for shade would do. But spring time is all about green, if you house sits besides lots of greenery a shade of light green or sage is perfect .Blue is becoming more famous on home owners because of  it’s elegance. Light blue would make your home look bigger and inviting.

House Interior

- Light blue resembles that blue sky that gives calming and happy environment which is perfect on bedrooms. Just add a touch of gray for the trim for that elegant look. If you want a more springtime vibe on your bedroom you could go for a pink color, with a peachy undertone for that fresh look. Taupe may not be everyone's choice but it is perfect for back draft on open areas of the house. Green paint on hallways is perfect for resembling that outdoor scenery into your interiors.


Most people choose summer to paint and give their house new fresh colors because of longer days and lots of sunlight.  Finding that right color for your house this summer is easy with a bit of guidance.

House Exterior

- People choose light color paints because it reflects light and heat thus keeping your home cool throughout the summer. In addition it gives that fresh and clean look. White, beige, and other light coloured neutrals is ideal, mix it with a dark blue as accent for windows for that visual appeal. You could try sage as hues paired with beige for shading to get that outdoor look.

House Interior

- Not all pink would look like girly, some even consider using pink for their bedrooms as the primary color that is best with a shade of off-white for that island feel. Summer also means beach, then you could go for that navy blue or light blue to bring that ocean vibe, paired with cream white, light gray or beige for a softer look.


Leaves are falling and the colors around you starts to change. From vibrant green to vibrant orange or deep red, fall is full of colors that are inspiring from nature. Here are some tips you can follow that will still bring warmth into your home.

House Exterior

- If you are not sure on what paint color you want then try to look around choose a natural color that will blend well with the surroundings. Colors such as deep red, earthy green, and chocolate brown for your windows, wood sidings or doors will complement light yellow or off white exterior paint. Also yellow is perfect in fall, paint light yellow on your house exterior and white on your doors, windows and wood sidings.

House Interior

- A crisp white as accent for the wall with a vibrant orange or rich red for the trim will surely energize the room. For your bedroom a full white with a gray undertone will light it up and bring warmth. But if you are not fund of white try light brown or rusty orange with a light gray accent to harmonize the space .Olive green can complement other features because of its classic and warm look that is perfect on living rooms.

In choosing the right paint for your home always take into account your surroundings, type of home you have and location. Don’t over paint your house that it hurts the eyes  who sees it, try to blend in with your neighbor but don’t match. Feel free to consult the experts in the local paint stores near you or hire a professional painter