Owning a home requires a thorough check and maintenance to minimize costly repairs and efficiency of home components and systems.  A home that is well-kept and always clean is something to be excited going home from work that you can just relax and enjoy rest of the day without worrying that something might fall from top of you or pipes bursting. Damage from leaks, insects especially weather can take a toll on interior especially on the exterior of a home. Preventive maintenance at home is not just your regular chores that sometimes doing it by yourself is impossible. However,  you can prepare a checklist that you can do yourself to avoid missing important things at home that needs  to be checked regularly thus also keeping the value of your house. You can schedule it monthly, quarterly and yearly or keep a schedule that you are available still giving you more time to enjoy and have fun. You can check below some tips that you can use as a reference it may not suit everyone but you can always do your own depending on your schedule, climate and type of house.


You can start from top to bottom of the house to avoid missing important points and things that needs attention. Dust can accumulate fast on ceiling because this area rarely cleaned. If you’re planning to rearrange or redecorate your home then it is the perfect time. You can even do both, while rearranging you can reach those parts that a broom or vacuum can’t.

- Roof – Remove any debris like leaves of branches. Paint chipping and repaint is needed or if you use galvanized iron roofing check for rust because that will lead to leaks. Any loose and removed parts of the roof.

- Ceilings -  Check for water stains that also indicates leaks on roof and chipping on paint. Loose screws or nails.

- Air conditioning/Heaters – Clean those filters or consider replacing them with new or call technician for maintenance.

- Windows and doors – squeaky windows and doors are sometimes irritating to the ears check the hinges if needed to be oiled or replacement. Wooden windows and doors are mostly exposed to weather and can rot easily. Wipe those glass windows from dust or dirt.

- Wood Flooring – Check areas that are not level or any visible water stains cause it might be a sign that its deteriorating. Floor finish wears fast and must be checked regularly. If you have a basement, check beneath decks for signs of damage from water or pest.

- Walls – Check for moisture or any staining. Scratches or paint chipping and even the presence of termites.

- Dirty chimney – Remove any obstruction , or carbon build ups and check brickwork. You could hire a service crew to the dirty work.

- Electrical wiring -  Make sure they are not exposed to moisture and well hidden. If you are in doubt call a qualified electrician for maintenance.

- Electrical Appliances  - Washers, dryers, heaters, air conditioning systems, fire alarms/detection systems, you can always call professional if you’re in doubt on what to check.

Fire alarms/smoke detectors – Change those batteries at least once a year or depending on your manufacturers advice. It’s a must have for every house. It could save lives and even your property. Lots of people died from fires due to lack of early detection.

- Bathroom, showers, faucets, drainage - Always check for possible clogging, molds and mildews.

- Kitchen sink – Must be clogged and mold free. Check beneath for any leaks.

- Piping and Plumbings -  Look for any moist parts or water drippings or any loose connections between pipes. You can pour hot water on your drainage to prevent any grease build up or hard water deposits.


You can start by just walking around the house, look for any debris that might be part of your house. Remove those leaves and fallen branches.  Always check areas closest to the ground because these parts are always exposed to water. In this way you’ll have a full view of what to do next. Repaint those chipped old paint job. If you’re bored of looking at those same old color of your house then it will also be the right time to do it.

- Gutters - Check for debris or fallen leaves to avoid clogging

- Pealing Paints – If the weather permits you can do a repaint or just a simple retouch of fresh coat of paint

- Wood structure/sidings -  Cracks and swelling sidings is a sign of deterioration. Any woodwork that is part of the house that show signs of wear must be repaired or replaced.

- Cracks  or warping on concrete structures – It’s  a first sign that the structural integrity of your house is compromised and a professional help is needed.

- Trimming of shrubs, grass and trees – Trees that grow faster could sometime reach electrical wiring and is very dangerous during windy days.

- Fences – Wooden/Steel fences are most likely to rot fast because it is exposed to the elements. Consider giving them a fresh coat of paint for best results hire a professional painter.

There are houses that have concrete walls with steel frame or made from bricks, then a thorough inspection for cracks or warping is needed to prevent structural issues. If your house is made entirely of wood then your number one concern would be moisture. Bugs and Pest are also one big problem on every home, you can buy a spray can but you can call you local pest control for a visit.  Never rush a single job. A clean home is a safe home that could save you a lot of trouble.  You can always look online for tips and hacks on how to do things inside the house if you’re tight on budget but it is always a good choice to call a professional to do the things you’re not sure of especially involving electrical systems and appliances. Nevertheless the most important thing is to fix it as early as possible to avoid headache on paying bills after. Everything that’s mentioned above are considered very important parts of maintenance at home and most of them needs a help from the experts, maximize what you can do hiring an expert is a wise idea than damaging your home by doing it yourself. One more important thing is cleaning, regular cleaning is very important get some help from your local cleaning experts and if you have properties in Seattle area you can also get some help from Divine Maids Cleaning Services Seattle.