The Best Paint Colors for Apartments and Condos

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Modern condo or apartment living is anything but boring. Once you walk in on a bare condo unit, as the owner, you immediately visualize what the color of the walls will be and what furniture goes with it. You imagine all the stylish and tasteful designs you’ve seen on Pinterest or magazines. Choosing what color pallette to use for your walls is a bit tricky especially if the unit is small. Painting the wall white is the most common go-to solution to open up the space though sticking with just one color is limiting and can be boring. We’re listing the best paint colors for apartments and condos so you don’t have to put a cramp on your creative side. From bold and dark to light and bright, there are just so many color palettes to play with!

  1. Dark Blue

    Sometimes, small spaces are the best places to make a statement. Dark colors compliment a small space such as a studio apartment where it is not too overwhelming. A dark blue like this creates a perception of depth making the space look larger than it is. The color is dark and moody without being overpowering because the place in itself is not overwhelming in size.

2. Sage

This is best for a space by the window. Choose a light mossy green shade with a touch of grey as this would blend with the foliage during the summer and, when the Minnesotan cold is too much to bear during the winter, this color will surely remind you that winter will soon be over and spring is about to come.

3. Earthy Ochre

Earthy ochre offers a luxurious atmosphere especially when used in living rooms. Ochre has a natural earthy fee and when used en masse, it will surely make the room look more cozy. It’s golden mid-toned tan pairs nicely with warm tones of copper, rusts and sage greens. Earthy ochre such as taupe also brings a calm mood in the room. A neutral tan paint color like this also creates dimension in the room if used in combination with a lighter grey wall or you may also try pairing it with a pastel color such as a duck egg blue.

4. Crisp White

Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore is one of the most popular choices among crisp white paints. Crisp clean white paint evokes images of pure silk, soft linen and simpler times. It is as delicate as a lace that is just perfect for a room to look and feel cozy with a luxurious touch to it. It's both soothing and bright — use with non-grayed colors or tone it down with soft hues like Beach House. This has a subtle cool grey base as opposed to warm yellow undertones, which makes for a very clear and beautiful shade of white. Using this paint color for your living room will give it an uplifting, modern ambiance without being too stark.

5. Silver

As mentioned, the smaller the space the darker you can go in terms of wall painting. Having a small condo or apartment space, a silver paint will evoke a modern, sophisticated yet still cozy and chic feel. A lighter gray tone will look great either you would go for modern or traditional style. It can be dressed up or down depending on how fancy or casual you get with your furnishings. Either way, silver is a great alternative to having a white or beige paint color.

6. Light Grey with White Trim

Using light grey with white trim adds a little bit of contrast while keeping the room looking light and fresh. This is basically an interesting and risky choice than an all white space. Aloof Gray by Sherwin-Williams goes well with white trimmings. This has a teeny tiny more green to it so it is on the gray that happens to look really nice with warm wood tones.

7. Super White

A color suggesting clarity and simplicity, Sherwin Williams’ super white has been a popular choice. It makes a space look bigger and the ceiling higher. Numerous real estate agent would tell you to paint your walls white when you’re staging your home. Most home buyers check the photos online when they are looking to purchase a home. White walls look better online compare to greys or cream white and will most likely make it easier for you to sell your home. The uniform blank slate will also transform the room making it larger than it seems. If your cabinets look dated, one good and cheap way for it

8. Green

Green is not as scary as it seems. The right shade of green can calm, energize or ground a room. A pale green can blend in smoothly without overwhelming the space with a more bold and saturated green. Green is naturally ubiquitous and a color that takes us back to nature, it is both warm and cool. A bright Kelly green is both fun and exciting. Using it a small room in your condo would make look fearless and special by adding orange or teal on the room furnishing. Green is also a great color to use for your baby’s playroom as it’s fun and vibrant and looks good on kids and toys.

9. Beige 

This color is so classy and never goes out of style. Going beyond a basic white wall paint and coming off sweeter than tan, beige is popularly used in kitchen, powder rooms, bedrooms and especially for rooms with natural wood accents, white furniture, natural light and greenery. Beige is basically your color choice if you find white too basic but is not ready yet for bolder colors. If you are looking for the most neutral shade of beige, consider using Sherwin Williams Barcelona Beige. This beige does not come off too warm during the day and since it doesn’t have a speck of grey, it never reads as cool.

10. Sky Blue

Sky blue is said to evoke clarity, pureness and an increased intuition. The color is immediately calming, welcoming and creates a sense of serenity. Being a lighter shade of blue, it can act as a neutral when you choose lighter shade of furnishing. Sky blue and white is a great color combination that not only will make your room large and serene but will remain timeless for years to come. Sky blue also works great for laundry room as this color adds a feeling of cleanliness. Also, a sky blue wall in your child’s bedroom would add vitality in the room and who knows? It might calm your toddler too!

11. Purple

Purple was very popular during the 80s. It has long been associated with royalty, power and ambition. Using purple has a positive effect on the mind as it creates uplifting energy, add an ambiance of calmness in the space and encourages creativity. In modern condo or apartment living, a purple wall paints will exude a certain degree of unique and bold personality which ,done right, you will surely love. Purple is a color that can be used anywhere in the house. It’s calming, stylish and it will surely leave a difference and great impact. If you want a clean yet stylish looking kitchen, using purple on the wall or the kitchen cabinet is a good option.

13. Blue Green

Serene blue-green interiors has a calming, soothing effect being it the color of the ocean which we find ourselves imagining of going to whenever we are stressed out or would like to simply skip our busy lives in the city. You can’t go wrong with teal, turquoise and aquamarine as these versatile colors will transform your room in ways you can never imagine. For example, a misty teal will evoke a beachy vibe in your room but it is also classic giving a tiny room a dynamic feel.

13. Coffee

For a soft and contemplative feel, use coffee colored paint to paint your walls especially the ones in the sitting room. This color is best paired with colors such as copper, white, yellow, turquoise and orange. Coffee is the right shade of brown that is inspiring, traditional and sleek.

14. Straw

This is another option if you want to run away from white when it comes to wall painting and decorating. The straw color conveys warmth, like a welcoming hug but if used excessively, it can be tiresome to the eyes and will leave the decor looking dull. The colors that are best paired with straw are white, grey and black. A white ceiling will compliment a straw colored wall as it will brighten up the space in your condo or apartment such as your living room or kitchen.A mixture of black and straw creates elegance and is great to be used in the living room. Lastly, a blend of straw and grey emits a sober and modern environment and is best used in bedrooms and living rooms.

15. Blush

Behr Angel Blush is a super soft shade of pink and is very feminine without being excessively saccharine. It adds warmth to a small room without overpowering it, just a subtle pop of color. This has a slight grey undertone that keeps it modern and new and pairs beautifully with bright whites and cool neutrals.

There you have it! Grab your rollers now and have fun painting or better yet, have professional painting contractors do it for you.