The Chicago Bean: What is it?

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Chicago serves as a cultural sanctuary which represents a place that is rich in museums, tourist spots, nature centers and a rich nightlife. During summer season, July which is the hottest month of the year, the average temperature is at around 75 degrees Fahrenheit, this brings enough opportunities to enjoy all the summer activities in Chicago. During winter season, when the temperature drops, indoor activities starts to overflow, but there are still some outdoor activities like sledding and other winter activities that can be done outside.

With over fifty million visitors goes to Chicago each year, this beautiful place has a lot to offer. From lofty skyscrapers to its stunning lake shore, the landmarks and the people of Chicago shines with confidence, pride, and honor to belong in this beautiful land. The Windy City embodies the moral principle of the American heartland. Chicago gives its visitors the opportunity to witness what the American City can achieve through its hard work and perseverance. Chicago as the third largest city of the United States posses abundance of must see tourist attractions. Most of the attractions can give a unique view of its city’s remarkable skyline. The best tourist attractions of Chicago are too many to mention. But one of the best is “the Bean”

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For most people they see this as a stainless work of art but for tourists they take it as the best opportunity to take a selfie to one of Chicago’s best tourist attraction. The Bean represents as a famous symbol of Chicago and it is now one of the city’s most photographed attractions. Before we go further let us go back first in the time when the Bean was created. It was constructed for two years. On the outside as you can see the Bean is made out of metal, that is an extraordinary substance that expands when it is cool and shrinks if it is hot. The outside is totally different from the inside, “The Bean”surprisingly looks like an old pirate ship on the inside. The inner part is made of a wooden frame and beams that supports the one hundred and ten ton stainless framework as it expands and contracts. The outer part was welded securely and polished to get its perfect shine, and the one hundred sixty-eight piece of structure will remain in there until the year 3006. And the interior part will be left inside it and will serve just like a time capsule. The man behind this famous pride of Chicago is Sir Anish Mikhail Kapoor, he designed “The Bean”. He is a British sculptor born in Bombay. He originally named “The Bean” as Cloud Gate because 80% of its reflection shows the clouds above the sky. The bean is a huge public sculpture and the first, but not yet the final, introduction happened during the official opening of Millennium Park in the year 2004. But Kapoor was not happy about it because he wants the unveiling to happen when the the artwork is completely finished.Because the public’s attention are on to it day and night so the officials to temporarily stop the finishing until January 2005. And when the resumed it continued until August 2005, however the steel underneath it is not yet completely polished and the final polish was made until October that year. But ever since its premature, partial to final it has become one of the most visited spots in Chicago.

Though it is now loved by millions of people “The Bean” also gone through some criticism, some people said that it was unimaginative but they just do not appreciate and understand the real essence of it. It may be just a simple bean shape but the reflection on it tells a lot and earned millions of admirers. Now that it is one of the most famous attractions in Chicago, it is safe to say that it is monumental and very inviting. This amazing work of art invites the public and attracts the passer-by to step inside. It is so amazing that “The Bean” came in to the time when taking selfies started to become part of our lives. Now, “The Bean” has several geotags on Snapchat and it’s funny because people always seem to have the urge to touch the surface of the silver sculpture. “The Bean” is being cleaned twice daily, in the morning and then at night, the cleaners needs to polish the entire sculpture. There are also some cleaners who are assigned to clean up to seven times a day. Their main task it to wipe the bottom up to six feet high of the sculpture to get rid of the fingerprints because visitors can’t resist to touch it. Your Chicago tour is not complete without visiting this very remarkable place.

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  • Here are some interesting facts about the famous Cloud Gate or also known as The Bean: 

  • One of the controversial facts during the construction of “The Bean” was there’s an architect who set up his desk and workspace inside “the Bean”.  

  • This is Kapoor’s first public outdoor project in the United States, and he is very lucky because according to the Financial Times the work is best known in the country . 

  • The Bean was chosen during a design competition. When Kapoor’s design was selected, a lot of technological concerns regarding the design’s construction and assembly came up, in addition to concerns about the sculpture’s maintenance and care. Several experts were consulted, some of them thought that the design could not be fulfilled. 

  • Computer technology was used to create and cut the 168 colossal steel plates into accurate shapes. The exterior was highly polished so that it will not have any visible seems.  

  • When the project was first introduced they only estimated $6 million as the total cost, but it was escalated to $11 million when the Millennium Park opened in 2004, and in 2006 by the time of its final unveiling the total cost was sum up to $23 million. There were no public funds involved on this project all the expenses came from individual and corporation donors. Learn more interesting facts about “The Bean” here.