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Painting is one of the most affordable and quickest way to give your house a brand new look. Cracks, fading, and peeling paints are common signs that your house needs to be repainted. Paint can be obviously inexpensive compared to doing revisions with floors and counter tops, you can still rack up a big amount of bill at the store. If you’re on a tight budget and do not want to spend much in painting don’t worry there are different ways for you to give your home that fresh new look without spending too much. You have to be organized, setting a plan helps you stretch your decorating budget because you can already identify the things that you need to do especially when buying. Create a plan and stick with it. You should plan before going to the store when you are on a tight budget keep a list with you and make sure to buy just the necessary things. Don’t be impulsive in buying this will give you a huge problem with your budget because impulsive buying rarely work out. You also need to sample your paint colors on the surface that you are going to work on to see if it suits well. All you have to do is to be fully armed with tips before buying the stuffs you need for painting. Here are three effective ways to save money in painting your home.


1. Go for an Accent Wall

 There are times that you have to paint the entire room to make a great difference, but here’s one technique that results to a huge difference without repainting the entire room. This will still give you the same impact as to painting the entire space at the same time it will give you a modern feel, and most of all save you money on paint. An accent wall can make your home more noticeable, it adds character to a space and it can also turn a dull room into a lively one. Accent wall creates a focal point in a room it means the wall that you choose is very important. Spaces like built-in bookshelves, fireplace and some other spaces that you want to highlight, you can definitely use an accent wall to draw more attention to it. Consider the purpose of the room, the ambiance and the mood that you want to create as well as the current shade of the wall. You should make sure that the color that you will use for your accent wall can cover up the previously applied paint color. But if you are already happy with the previously applied paint color all you have to do is to choose another paint color that will complement to the previous one. Remember the complementary colors in the color wheel. Make sure to consider the colors of your home decor and furniture as well. But if you are starting from scratch or going to work with blank slate, consider yourself lucky because you have even more freedom to choose any paint colors. For interior design, you can use analogous colors, colors with the same hues and tones, or those colors that are next to each other in the color wheel. If you want that unique looking home you can combined primary and complementary colors. You can also opt to muted colors of primary and complementary colors. Learning more interior painting tips will definitely help you. Never over-clutter you wall. It is understandable that an accent wall is intended to make a particular space more noticeable or for it to standout compared to the rest of the spaces in your home, but please keep your design pleasant. It is very important to make the accent wall standout at the same time elegant. Don’t mix out too much paintings, photos, and mirrors on the accent wall, always remember to hang just the right ones and stick to one idea only. Here are some more helpful tips in creating an accent wall.

A cluttered wall looks messy and unorganized it will no longer be pleasing to the eyes. Also don’t forget your home’s personality, always remember to stay within the same realm as to your home’s personality. Lastly think about the need’s of your home before creating accent walls.

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Hire a Professional Painter

Hiring a professional painter is a lot easier and wiser than doing it without any idea on how to start properly. Always remember a quality work will give you the sense of satisfaction. Professional painters will take all your stress and worries away. You can spend a day with your whole family relax and enjoy and let the professionals do their job. You’ll never regret your decision of hiring a professional painter because they are trained and armed with knowledge. They can easily spot damages on the walls and will suggest repair to make sure that it will not affect the quality of their work. For the appearance they can never go wrong, professional painters are very familiar with new patterns and colors they can suggest according to your needs. Professional painters can finish their job according to the deadline that you set all you have to do is let them know when do you need that job to be finalized so you will be able to add your own personal touch like adding new wall hangings and home decorations. You will surely get the best out of what you pay for. These professionals will work thoroughly and will ensure the longevity of the work made. This will guarantee you more savings in the long run.

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Use an Online Paint Calculator

Using an online calculator is for free so don’t hesitate to access it. This will help you determine how much paint you will be needing for a certain space or area. Online calculators are found in online websites of paint retailers and manufacturers. Remember an online paint calculator is only a guide. Be mindful whether the online calculator is based on one coat or two coats. But if you are going to use the best quality brands of paint usually you will have to apply one coat only and it is enough to cover up the previously used paint. Try this online paint calculator.