Tips in Cleaning your Windows

Windows are not just there to put a curtain on it but it has several important roles. First, supports in filtering the sun ray and air at the same time it also provides an access to it. Rooms will look gloomy if there’s no windows. One important benefit of having windows is that you can use the windows to escape if in case there is fire or the doors cannot be opened or accidentally locked. There are several types of windows; the sliding windows and the double glazed windows, the vinyl replacement windows and the very own wooden shaft windows and a lot more. Kitchen windows allows you to see your family in the dining room and to check if the may need something while bedroom windows can let you see if there are some unusual activities outside. It is important to have the windows on the east as it welcomes the sun rays in the morning and its blessings. Every house is not complete without windows on it. Families that are living on it can enjoy the views of the neighborhood by just looking from the window.  

Here are additional benefits of having windows at home: 

  1. It gives comfort, like windows in your kitchen it eliminates the hot air from your cooking and in the bathroom, it helps along with letting the steam out. In some areas of the house windows allows you to pass messages from people outside your house without going out the doors. 

  2. It also provides regulation, windows that are made to measure can prevent draught from happening. Every home owner makes it to a point that they always finds the best ways to turn their homes into an energy efficient one and windows can make it by keeping the warm air inside and not letting in the cool air from the outside.  

  3. Choosing made to measure windows, homeowners can improve the security of their homes. 

  4. Windows can boost the visual appeal of the house it can easily increases the aesthetic appeal of a house. In their own restful manner, they can supplement the other elements of the house perfectly. 

  5. Add up to the resale value of the house, homeowners improves their properties to make a profit when putting it on the market. A lot of products come with long lasting promise that make this attainable. By putting up a high quality and excellent windows, you can make sure that your house requires a higher price than others in the neighborhood. 

Clean windows what makes it really beautiful so you need to keep them clean and for effective way of cleaning windows follow these tips:

First you need to gather all the things needed to get that professional finish.

·  Dry brush or broom for removing cobwebs and dust

·  Bucket

·  Sponge

·  Squeegee

·  Window cleaning solutions or vinegar

·  Brown paper or newspaper

·  Microfibre cloth

·  Dry lint free cloth or drying pad 

Second, remove blinds and curtains. This will allow you to clean your windows thoroughly using a dry brush or broom to remove cobwebs from the window corners and windowsills. 

Third, wash the windows using soapy water. Fill in a bucket with warm water and window cleaning solution but do not make it too foamy because it will leave marks if it dries up. Start washing windows using non abrasive sponge and you can also use a specific window cleaning fluid but you have to be careful because strong formulas can ruin the paintwork.  

Fourth, you need to remove soapy water from the glass by wiping it off. Use a squeegee and wipe off from top to bottom using a revers S pattern. You need to wipe out the squeegee using a clean rag from time to time to avoid spreading the dirt around. Then you need to wipe out the remaining water using a microfibre cloth and dry the windowsill. Do not use paper towels and cloths that can leave lint on the glass. For upper floor panes on your window’s exterior, it is an advantage to purchase a U-shaped pole so that you don’t have to reach out of your to-floor windows.  

Fifth, it is always fine to try traditional methods. If you want to make your own cleaning solution just add two tablespoons of vinegar to a small bucket with arm water but there is no guarantee that this method can kill bacteria. Then polish clean your windows using crumpled newspaper this will give you a sparkly clean finish.  

Sixth, have a proper timing. Sunny days are not always better, it doesn't mean that because it is bright then you can easily see smears on your window but heat from the sun can dry up the glass so quickly and will result to dreaded streaks. Cloudy day is the ideal weather to wash off your windows.  

Now that you already know how to properly clean your windows you will be able to lengthen the life span of your windows. Glass is a porous, long exposure to the elements like rain, dirt, dust, snow and even sunlight can affect glass and frame material it will become stained or damaged with prolonged exposure. However, a clean window not prone to etching and it can’t be easily get weakened. You can enjoy a better view, each morning when you wake up and try to look through your windows, and you see it is blurry or dirty of course you can’t enjoy the view so to see the beautiful view outside make it a habit to properly clean your windows. A well kept window has a higher heat efficiency, because it is one of the main factors that can affect the overall heat efficiency inside your home. If it’s winter season stained and dirty windows can be a barrier because it won’t let the sun rays enter your home, warm light can’t help in heating your room during daytime. It will result to higher energy cost in other words a clean window will help you a lot in lowering your heating costs. Learn how to clean your exterior windows here.