Top 10 Pizzeria in Chicago

The more we look back, the more interesting things we learn. Not just how it started but it is more than that. Just like one of the most famous dish in the whole world, pizza. Its popularity and acknowledgement was gained through decades of hard work of many different international pizza franchise branches that expanded in different parts of the world. Prior to the growth of pizza chains, the dish already soared to fame in the United States of America. Pizza was brought by Italian settlers of Europe because they (the Italian) do not want to separate this dish from being one of the most iconic meals of their nation after that the modern pizza was made in the Mediterranean coastal city of Naples.  

Despite that the 19th century Italy was named as the home of modern pizza, the origin still comes back to the ancient Roman, Persian, and Greek realm. The evidences from those era shows that different kinds or round and flat breads with different toppings on it. Even if a lot of European culture keeps on using the meals made in this style even until these days, but the cooks in Italy became very interested in pizza. They made different pizza products from primeval times up to middle ages. When an archeologist went to the Italian city of Pompei to visit the preserved ruins he discovered the undeniable indication of the network which corroborated the pizza production beginning from the street stands up to restaurant kitchens where pizza was made. From the New World of 16th century the emergence of tomato was considered as the most important ingredient that promoted the local Italian dish to the global well known pizza. Even though Some Italian see tomato as a poor man’s food, not too long and their minds were changed because of the Italian pizza’s creative recipes and designs from Naples. When pizza became more popular, pizza makers began to develop their businesses.

In 1830, the very first restaurant that is committed only for selling pizza was opened in Naples, right after that more and more pizza restaurants started to grow all over Italy. Almost all of the original pizza designs were made in 1889 by the famous chef named Raffaele Esposito who also made three pizzas for the King and Queen of Italy. Esposito’s pizza design which is called Margherita became the gold standard for all the present pizzas and pizza became one of the all time favorite of the people all over the world.  

Each place have their own specialty when it comes to pizza, just like Chicago style pizza, but according to Chicago’s official cultural historian Tim Samuelson, they don’t have sufficient records to identify who really made the Chicago style deep dish pizza. Nowadays, there are many pizza chains that spread throughout Chicagoland. Let’s see what is the top 10 Pizzeria in Chicago.

Kings Dining Chicago Lincoln Park

Kings Dining & Entertainment was began in 2002 in the center of Boston’s Back bay with its original name Kings Bowl motivated to integrate authentic food, creative cocktails, and social gaming to produce an ideal entertainment experience. When Kings Dining & Entertainment branched out all over Chicago, each and every Kings Dining location continues to give an inspiration with exclusive, retro-inspired decoration and the best in industry service.

With Kings everyone will look forward for their exceptional social event for every occasions, whether it is for a date night, corporate event or family moments.

Check their website for more details.

Spacca Napoli

Spacca Napoli made pizza devoted to the genuine Neapolitan style for more than a decade. As a blend of love and craft the tend the dough everyday and bake it using an oven made by third and fourth generation technician of Napoli. The ingredient are cautiously obtained from reliable vendors only. Most of it are not found anywhere else in Chicago. The combined the right kinds of wine and music to create a just right mood. Experience and check out the Neapolitan style visit their website to learn more.  

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria 

Lou Malnati is one of the oldest family name in Chicago and its history is rich just like the flavors of his pizza products. Malnati started working in Chicago’s first dish pizzeria in 1940 and broght his pizza expertise to Lincolnwood, where he and his wife established the first Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria in the 17th of March 1971. Their success began with their commitment to quality. Each and every Lou Malnati’s pizza is handmade from scratch with finest and freshest ingredients. Each year, the Malnati team hand picks California vine-riped tomatoes that gives the perfect sweet and sour taste. They seasoned the exclusive sausage blend to precise specifications. Lou’s pizza uses fresh mozerella cheese from his supplier for more than 40 years. Grab a bite and discover the secret for their best tasting pizza. Visit their website for great offers.

Bongiorno's Italian Deli and Pizzeria 

Bongiorno's Italian Deli and Pizzeria is a family owned business that specializes in fresh Italian food, thin crust pizza and offers traditional toppings that will surely make you crave it has great great tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, basil, sausage, pepperoni and a lot more. Check out their website for more details.   


Giordano was established in a small northern Italian town near Italy. Mama Giordano became famous in the whole town for her excellent cooking. The “Italian Easter Pie’ is the dish the she loved the most among all of her famous dishes and she serves her beloved dish on special occasions. Efren and Joseph Boglio the sons of Mama moved to Chicago and started their pizza business by introducing their Mama’s specialty in the world and open the very first Giordano’s on the Chicago’s historic south side. Girdano’s have repeated media coverage and keeps on to be on top of “Best Pizza” lists and dining guides. Giordano’s has been commended as “Chicago’s Best Pizza” by NBC, CBS Chicago, New York Times, Chicago Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Eater, Home & Garden Magazine, Concierge Preferred and a lot more! Visit their website and discover why they are called “Chicago’s Best Pizza”.  

Forno Rosso Pizzeria Napoletana 

Nick Nitti is of Italian descent who lived in Italy through out his childhood. In 2012 Nick revisited Naples and he studied the art of Pizza Napoletana. He was trained by one of Napoli’s best Pizzaiolos. After his certification was all completed with VPN Nick went back to Chicago and opened his Forno Rosso Pizzeria Napoletana, on Harlem Avenue and Nick opened his 2nd location in Chicago's booming West Loop on Randolph St in 2016.. Find out more about their products and services here.  

Blaze Pizza

The name of the business came from their exceptional quality at lightning fast speed The head of Blaze, Executive Chef Bradford Kent also known as "The Pizza Whisperer". He makes fresh dough from scratch. Healthy artisanal ingredients and cooks it on a blazing hot oven with dedicated pizzasmith for 180 seconds it’s a fast-fire’d, perfectly crisp perfection. Visit their website for more info.  

Aurelio's Pizza - Chicago-South Loop

The very first Aurelio’s Pizza opened on August 20, 1959 at 2041 Ridge Rd in Homewood, Illinois. It started as a small store with four tables only and a small kitchen with only one pizza oven. Pizza is really a new idea in 1959. Joe can usually sell 6 or 7 pizzas a day, however his home cooked Italian beef sandwiches makes him pursue what he is doing. Later on Joe made some changes to the dough and its sauce recipe then he started using fresh, homemade sausage instead of cooking it ahead of time. The changes caused a huge difference and the sales began to grow. And it it is one of the best pizzerias in Chicago. Click here to know more. 

Connie's Pizza 

Connie’s Pizza has Chicago’s best kept secret for mouthwatering Italian dishes especially pizza. Click here to check their special offers.  

California Pizza Kitchen 

In 1985, they opened their first restaurant in Beverly Hills. Rick Rosenfield and Larry Flax who are both former federal prosecutors joined together and shared  their love for food with fresh high quality ingredients to make creative, hearth-baked pizzas just like The Original BBQ Chicken, Thai Chicken, and Jamaican Jerk Chicken, that was cooked in an open kitchen. The restaurant provided California a part in the pizza pantheon Chicago and New York. The California twist on global flavors, and almost right away, CPK began to have a bustling spot for business and family gatherings. Check out their website to know more.