Why is cleaning important?

Lead contaminated dust can make children very sick if they are exposed to it. Permanent nerve and brain damage and result in learning difficulties and behavioral problems are just some alarming effects that lead may cause. Cleaning up after a painting job is always the best option but normal cleaning procedure will not guarantee you that lead contaminated dust are totally eliminated. Though the area looks clean dangerous amount of lead contaminated dust may remain unseen. If you are a busy person you can always hire a professional cleaning services. This is an effort to save time for more important things and at the same time making sure that the tasks that are not just meant for a regular cleaning that we can do will be completely and professionally done.

But first, what is professional cleaning services? - professional cleaning services is hiring a cleaner or group of cleaners to do the cleaning for you. DIY or do-it-yourself cleaning at home makes sense for economic perspective, but there are certain tasks that requires professional skills and equipment that is not suitable for regular or normal cleaning tasks that we usually do especially when you have to clean after a painting job was done.



This professional team is one of the top and trusted by many. They ensure greatest care, use cleaning techniques that will meet your satisfaction and most of all they treat your home as if it was their own. Karen’s Green Maid Service has been serving Chicago for years now. More than thousands of families has been happy with their services and satisfied renewed look of their home. When it comes to their staffs, they only hire the best and trained people to provide excellent and exemplary service. Client’s trust and time are valued by Karen’s Green Maid Service, they always make sure to give 100% guaranteed satisfaction that is worth every single dollar the client’s are paying for.

Chicago Cleaning Services Company is one of the top and yet they offer affordable cleaning services. Numerous types of services are being offered depending on the uniqueness of your home. With Chicago Cleaning Services you can also get a free service quote. They have different kinds of additional services that will make you even more satisfied. You can try their newest way of making your home smell new and relaxing check out air diffuser by Karen’s Green Maid Service  

Click the image to view the website

Click the image to view the website


 Always Green is the top cleaning company that is chosen by clients in Chicago when it comes to cleaning using all natural and organic product. There are lots of different cleaning companies out there, but Always Green is not just after the cleanliness of your home but  they are also concerned about human health. Even though your whole family even your pets are around when the team are cleaning no need for you to worry because all the products that they are using are free from harmful chemicals. Not just safe for human but also to the environment. Always Green offers effective and efficient cleaning services. All the staffs are well trained and properly certified to ensure that they can deliver on the best quality service that will exceed your expectations.

Always Green is an advocate of a go green community. They aim for a cleaner and greener place to live. If you also want to start patronizing green products you can start it at home, choosing green services is just one of the easiest way to start. It’s really hard to find a company who is dedicated in “GOING GREEN” but you already have one here, Always Green Cleaning Service got your back. Click here to get a free quotation.

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Click the image to view the website


Sparkly Maid is also a top brand in professional cleaning services. Just like the other two companies mentioned above Sparkly Maid is also fully equipped in professional cleaning. Sparkly Maid will make sure that you will not be compromised and you will achieve fantastic service. Sparkly Maid make sure that they always keep up to their promise of delivering 100% customer satisfaction.

Sparkly maid offers great convenience and makes sure that you can enjoy your free time because the have services even if it’s Sunday. You can take your time off and be chore-free all you have to do is book an appointment and Sparkly Maid professional cleaning team will make sure that you will come back to a well kept home. You can also take advantage of their additional service which is window washing.

Click the image to view the website

Click the image to view the website

When choosing a professional cleaning team you should choose wisely. It doesn’t mean that because they are from a company they are already a good fit for your needs. So you need to consider several things before choosing the right cleaning company. Here are some tips on when choosing the cleaning company that will provide you a great level of professionalism and will be able to meet your needs.

 You should determine what kind of services and level of cleaning you need. This is the very first step that you should always take when it comes to hiring a professional cleaner. Because we already know that we are going to spend money for the service it’s very important to make sure that we are paying for the right one.Check what areas needs intensive cleaning and if you need specialized cleaning services. Because not all cleaning companies offers all types of cleaning services and they might not be equipped enough to do some specialized cleaning. This kinda sound a very minor thing but it pays to keep attention to small details because saves your time rather than looking for more companies than you need to.  

What to do if you are unsure of what you need?

It is always a good idea to play safe and opt for the companies that offers well-rounded range and highly recommended, you can ask you friends and families you can also make use of the internet search for the companies and check out their online reviews. Do your research

Ask questions

There’s no harm in asking you can always feel free to call the company that you are interested in. Ask questions about the services they offer.

Opt for experience

Experience is the key to ensure best quality service.

Use comparison sites

Internet is one of the best source of information and it can also make the comparison easier for you. You also need to focus on taking you time and doing thorough research to make sure that you will get reliable results.