Top 3 Mexican restaurants in Illinois

Let’s talk about some interesting facts about Mexican food. 

  • A lot of Mexico’s more traditional kind of recipes came straight from the Aztecs and Mayan. See that? Mexican cuisine is even older than you thought!  

  • Each an every part of a cow’s body such as udder, stomach, tongue, even the uterus and testicles are being used for traditional Mexican foods.  

  • Mexican cuisine is not only well known because of their tasty foods but also because Mexico is rich in tropical fruits, then Mexican’s turned it into different fresh juices that eventually added to the popularity of Mexican cuisine.  

  • Each culture has a staple food and for Mexicans they have tortillas as their staple food.

  • With corn and flour as the main ingredients and in some other countries they have their own unique way and ingredients in making tortillas. It is soft, crunchy and can be used in many different dishes.  

  • Tortilla is the staple food of Mexican people. They are made of corn or flour, and the preferred varieties that differs from one part of the country to another. Tortillas are used in many dishes and can be soft or crunchy. 

It is hard to look for an American fare restaurant without spotting some quesadillas, nachos or tacos on the menu list nowadays. Integrating Mexican cuisine into every American people’s eating habit is just normal because United States of America is now considered as a melting pot of different cultures. Compared to mayo and ketchup, salsa became the top of the line condiment in the whole United States of America. Since 2010 hot dogs buns and tortillas are sold in greater quantities. Have you ever wondered when did this start to happen and how it started?  

One reason why Mexican food took over United States of America is immigration. As a symbol of pride for their cultural tradition a lot of Mexican - Americans have continued to prepare their cultural dishes and to relieve homesickness as well. A lot of Mexican immigrants decided to put up their very own traditional restaurant which made the Americans feel glad. Since America is just near to Mexico it is justifiable that Americans have a touch of Mexican culture. As to the integration of United States and Mexico the st art of Tex-Mex which happened in 1940s is the best example. Learn more about Tex-Mex here. 

Tortilla chips was manufactured in the early 1990s. But it was just made because they want to make use of the leftover dough and not because tortilla is in demand in the United States. The official launched of tortilla into the American culture was when the Texan Company named Frito - Lay mass produced the Dorito, advertised in 1960s as the most flavorful tortilla chip. By 1985, Tostitos became Frito-Lay’s fifth largest brand.  

However, According to CNN it was nachos that truly moved the American tourist in Mexico,  Arellano said “When two American customers walked into his restaurant in Mexico, head waiter Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Ayala couldn’t find the chef so he threw together some random ingredients and called them ‘Nacho’s Special”. Because the United States’ loves Mexican cuisine that much, Mexican restaurants all over the country the country are growing vigorously. What’s more interesting is that those Americans who were able to visit Mexico are considering original Mexican cuisine rather than being just fine with Tex - Mex meals.  

Come and visit these top three Mexican restaurants in Illinois

Antique Taco

1360 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622-9108

Rick Ortiz is the chef at Antique Taco he always wanted to combined the freshest obtainable foods from the Midwest with his Mexican culture. Antique Taco’s menu reflects his experience from every kitchen he had worked before, his education from Kendall College and his travel experiences in different countries.

For him a cook always dream of owning a restaurant. And he never imagined that he can include all the things that he loves under one roof such as meaningful food, antiques, and working with his beloved creative wife and team. 

Take a look of there very interesting menu:


Market Mushroom

Pumpkin seeds, smoked onion cream, arugula, purple onion

Grilled Ribeye

Caramelized poblanos and onions, cheese wiz, cilantro

Pork Carnitas

Adobo rub, tamarind glaze, bacon spinach, onion, avocado, queso fresco

Crispy Fish Tempura

Sriracha tartar sauce, smoked cabbage, chives, sesame

Chicken Tinga

Hot sauce, queso, carrot and celery pickle,

El Rancho Crema Fresca, Cilantro


Habanero Popcorn

Habanero, olive oil, cheddar cheese

Guac. and Chips

Fresh avocado, lime, pickled peppers

Antique Taco Salad

Kale, apples, spicy peanuts, queso fresco, cranberries, sesame, cilantro, corn chips, pomegranate vinaigrette



Homemade Daily Soup

Chili Cheese Curds

Chorizo chili, beer battered cheese curds,

Crema Fresca, Scallions

Maple Farm Duck Enchiladas

Peanut Butter Mole,

Black berry crema fresca

Masa Flat Bread

Pumpkin, beets, goat cheese, orange, arugula, purple onion



Horchata Milkshake

Cinnamon, banana, almonds, vanilla

Abuelita's Pop Tart

Mexican chocolate, marshmallow



Agua and Agua Mineral

Agua Fresca (Seasonal)

Pureed fruit, simple syrup, fresh lemon juice

Canned Cerveza

Rosemary's Margarita

Tequila, fresh lime juice, fresh orange juice, rosemary simple syrup

Agua Fresca with Vodka

Vodka, fresh lemon juice, pureed seasonal fruit, agave nectar

To know more about Antique Taco visit their website.



449 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60654-4500 

Xoco which is pronounced as “SHO-ko” is the Aztec term for “little sister.” Xoco is a fast - service cafe inspired by Rick and Deann Bayless contemporary expressions of Mexico’s favorites. Check out their “insanely good” sets of food and drinks. 











And more on their website. 


445 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60654-4682 

Topolobampo is opened by Rick and Deann Bayless in 1989, just few years after Frontera Grill was opened. Topolobampo’s food is always contemporary every year it becomes more contemporary than ever. Excite yourself with their perfectly tasting menu on their website.