There are hundreds of DIY or Do It Yourself crafts videos that are being uploaded everyday for those who wants to save money by recycling, using household or low cost materials and solving common problems because it can also be a simple way of decluttering . These videos offer tutorials on making of home decors, gift ideas, paper arts, household products and other alternative ways that will give the same results when buying the same products. There are a lot of YouTube channels that post DIY crafts everyday for the purpose of entertainments, new ideas or even products that you can sell. Doing DIY crafts is like going green because you are decluterring your home at the same time you are recycling old stuffs. Here are some of the top YouTube DIY crafts that gained a lot of attention from the YouTube community.


Making different kinds of paper crafts generated a lot of views on DIY videos on YouTube because of its endless uses and origami has been used as a procedure in making beautiful DIY paper crafts. Origami is an art that originates in Japan which involves turning a flat paper into amazing arts by folding. There are hundreds of tutorial videos being uploaded everyday that gives ideas on how to turn an ordinary paper into a wonderful work of art. There are more than 80 types of origami and one of the most viewed on YouTube is making different kinds of animals using scrap paper, toilet paper and old newspapers and magazines, from a simple bird to a gorgeous dragon. Origami YouTube channels teaches its viewers on how to make your own home decors without spending on expensive displays. Origami and other forms of paper crafts have evolved through the years and more ideas are being introduce everyday. It may not look easy at first but with a step by step guide you could start making your own designs. In other countries, they collect old news papers and magazines and make beautiful vases, bags toys, and other products they can think of with paper as a source of income.


Plastic bottle is probably one of the most items used on DIY projects, because of its availability and can last longer. Plastic bottles are non-biodegradable which means it would take hundreds of years to bio-degrade, that is why recycling and re-purposing is one the step to minimize plastic garbage. There are many YouTube channels that post videos on DIY crafts that convert plastic bottles to a beautiful and useful art. Video on making plastic bottles into different crafts is one way of saving the environment. Some of the videos even teaches kids to recycle and reuse plastic bottles, by giving them simple ideas on how to make use of discarded plastic bottles, one of the most simplest DIY craft for plastic bottles for kids are making them as a pot for flowers or vegetables, plastic bottle pencil holders and piggy banks. Others can make things that they can use everyday like toilet paper holders, a decorative plastic flower and pet food dispenser. There is a foundation that teaches those that don’t have access to electricity to reuse plastic bottles and turn them into solar plastic bottle light bulb. If you can stretch your imagination the number of crafts that you can create from a single bottle of plastic is limitless. 


Recycling used soda can is the best thing to do to help the environment, but there are a lot of things that you can do with a soda can than throwing it. Beautiful crafts can be made from empty soda cans and because it’s made from aluminum, you can use it to make DIY crafts for kitchen use. One of the most reacted videos on YouTube on soda can crafts is making cookie cutters, rather than buying cookie cutters with different sizes and designs, you can make your own using soda cans, and you can make all kinds of designs in all sizes. Other simple crafts you can do are ashtray, veggie slicer, peeler, decorative flowers and much more. Not only you save money in making crafts but you can make your home full of beautiful decorations without spending a lot of money. Posting videos on YouTube is another way of people noticing your creativeness or you can make extraordinary crafts that you can sell or impress your friends and family not knowing that it’s made from used cans.


Probably one of the most DIY videos viewed by women on YouTube. Turning an ordinary dress into a fashionable one will definitely be a head turner. Famous videos on DIY crafts or hacks on clothes can be viewed even on social Medias that men and women use to make their clothes look more appealing. Even clothes that were kept on the locker because they’re out of fashion or you can’t fit in it anymore can look amazing. There are literally tons of DIY crafts that you can do with your clothes, all you need is just watch some tutorial videos and with a few cutting and sewing, your old clothes will turn into something amazing. Some tutorials will give you ideas with just a simple scarf can turn into a beach ready outfit. Old garments can also be use to make amazing crafts, using tools that can be found in your home. No need to buy clothes all the time if you can make your own from old ones.


There are hundreds of DIY crafts you can do with a scrap wood laying around, instead of letting them rot; you can make use of them. Popular videos on YouTube shows you different uses of scrap wood especially discarded pallets. You don’t need carpentry experience; most projects are easy enough to make with just simple tools. Starting from simple storage box to a beautiful sofas and tables, you can slowly upgrade your woodworking crafts with the help of tutorial videos. These DIY wood crafts will give your home fresh new look that will impress anyone. You don’t need to buy expensive furniture or pay someone when you can do it yourself and you can even make your own designs.

So there you already have some ideas on how to clean in creative way and not only that you can also earn with your DIY crafts, you will have extra budget if in case you want to buy new furniture or to redecorate your home.