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Why do people choose to shop from the best stores? People tend to like shopping somewhere else over other stores nearby. Though there is a store few blocks away, some would even drive miles and miles away just to get to their preferred store. Some buyers says that they like to buy somewhere else because the atmosphere is nicer, while others says that the brand they like is sold on that specific store only. Other buyers would go for quality and brand so even if that specific store sells at higher price it doesn't matter to them. While others wants the other way around and shop wherever is affordable. But there is also the kind of buyer that prefers to shop in a comfortable environment. For them the feels inside the store is a determining factor on where to buy a certain product.

 That is why business owners should know what factors the buyers are considering when choosing where to shop. They also need to identify the psychology behind what establishes the buyer’s loyalty to a specific brand or store. How does the environment affects the buyers when shopping? Are they after the best and positive experience in shopping or just want to have that convenience when buying. Taking time to consider these factors helps the business owners develop their company brand or create marketing and advertising campaigns that may help them bring the ideal customers or buyers.

There are more than hundreds of paint stores in the whole Chicago but let us learn about the top three paint stores.

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JC Licht West Loop True Value Hardware

JC Licht West Loop True Value Hardware is one of the branches of JC Licht which is known for giving expert advice and assistance since 1907 for home owners of Chicagoland who wants to give their homes totally amazing look. In 1907 when Jacob Christian Licht open his very first store in Chicago at 3150 West Twelfth Street, he only though of himself as a business person who is ready to give his first customers what they wanted: “top quality painting products and superb service.” JC Licht service professions are all highly trained when it comes to their extensive line of products they are also skilled home project experts. They offer wide range of products to ensure that they can provide all the products that the customers needs. JC Licht West Loop True Value Hardware wants to make sure that your work will be easier and for you to achieve the professional results. They sell the best quality paint in the business which is Benjamin Moore and the truth is they sell more Benjamin Moore paint than anyone else in the Midwest. JC Licht West Loop True Value Hardware does not only sell paints but they also have high quality wallpaper and window treatments, as well as all the accessories and paint related products to make sure that you can get the job done.

 Licht West Loop True Value Hardware aims to give inspiration to life inside your home. Since then Jacob Christian Licht business flourished and it has now thirty-eight branches in the whole Chicagoland area, you can use their online store locator to see the branch near you .


C.G Floor Finishes and Paint Supply

C.G Floor Finishes and Paint Supply is an independently owned store that provides a level of service that people thought is no longer existing. C.G Floor Finishes and Paint Supply is proud to deliver the kind of specialized attention and help that buyers simply won’t find in larger chain stores. C.G Floor Finishes and Paint Supply store professionals are composed of trained specialists armed with knowledgeable experience and helpful advice that will ensure the success of every project you are planning to do..

They have an array of high quality paint products that includes complete line of Benjamin Moore paint and will simplify your shopping experience in their one stop store that will surely give you great convenience.  


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Sherwin-Williams Paint Store of Chicago

Sherwin Williams Paint Store is one of the famous paint stores in Chicago who provides  exceptional quality paint and paint supplies that will help you bring your ideas to life. Sherwin Williams paint store and the other two mentioned above are all best quality providers but Sherwin William is a little bit different when it come to the brand that they carry. They have their own pain brand which is Sherwin-William paint, they also carry the following brands, Purdy, Graco, Titan, 3M, Shurtape, H&C, Uniflex, USG, Werner, Mi-T-M, and Minwax.

They have friendly experts that can help you with your home projects. They don’t just make your home beautiful and colorful but the also aims to reduce their impact to the environment. Last 2016, the Sherwin-Williams plant in Ecuador achieved a very inspiring milestone in its sustainability efforts ending only two percent of non-hazardous waste to landfills. With nearly 67,000 square meters of plant space dedicated to producing paint, resin and thinners, achieving results of this magnitude required creative thinking, new processes, and a commitment to recycling from all 320 employees.

“Our workers have really internalized the company’s Zero to Landfill (ZTL) initiative,” says EHS Manager Santiago Oña. “Both plant-wide and within their personal lives, employees are engaged and look for ways to contribute to our sustainability efforts.” Their commitment helped the plant implement several programs that dramatically reduced it’s waste from 700,000 lbs. in 2014 to 44,000 in 2016.

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Now that we already know the top three paint stores in Chicago let’s talk about Benjamin Moore Paint. Why is it considered the best quality paint and being patronized by famous paint stores.

An American paint company called Benjamin Moore & Co. which is also known as Benjamin Moore Paints or simply Benjamin Moore, is owned by Berkshire Hathaway. In 1883 the Moore brothers founded the company in Brooklyn, New York. Now Benjamin Moore paint is one of the high quality paints in the USA. They say it’s not all about color but for Benjamin Moore paint they mix knowledge in every can of paint. They have color consultants and paint experts that can help you combined right colors for the right paint to get the right results.