We already know that painting cannot be completely done without paint rollers, paint brush, painting sprays, and of course the paint itself. But these are the basic needs in paint application let’s learn what are the other top three must have painting tools to make the job easier and faster.

1. Painter’s Tape

painter's tape.jpg

Painter’s tape is considered as one of the top three tools for painting because it’s essential to produce clean lines. This sort of tape is a pressure-sensitive that is made up of thin and easy-to-tear paper. Painter’s tape is mainly used to make sure that the areas or surfaces that should not be painted are properly covered. Painter’s tape is the painter’s best friend. The adhesive portion of the tape is the key element to it’s function, the adhesive allows the tape to be easily removed without damaging the painted surface. It’s a very effective tool in bleed reduction. Painter’s tape will secure the surfaces that are already painted from drips and runs. This makes it ideal when your going to  paint near a baseboard and do not want any small run to get on your baseboard. Using painter’s tape will guarantee you a straight line. Just make sure that you apply the painter’s tape properly and straight to get that clean straight line when painting. Painter’s tape helps in reducing the need for an expert technique like cutting in - cutting in is when you paint on the edges or create a line through particularly using a paint brush. Cutting in can be done quicker than using tape but a steady hand and good cutting skill is needed to do it well, tape let’s you do the job well even though you are not good in cutting. Painter’s tape has different widths and lengths and there is a specific kind of painter’s tape that is made depending on the surface that you will be working on. The adhesion level of the tape is also considered when buying. Make sure to buy the right one. Some types of tape works well with carpeted surfaces, while others will work with wood. Painter’s tape does not only work to help you create a clean and straight line but it can also help you in making decorative painting styles, like painting stripes to create more visual effects on your walls.  

Areas where Painter’s Tape Can be More Useful

Painting the walls above baseboards - baseboards are prone to drips or runs on them that will cause you to do another painting job for the baseboard and sometimes the repainting cannot completely hide the wall color that dripped off your baseboard at the same time it’s going to be an additional expenses for you. So by using painter’s tape you can avoid these usual issues.

Painting baseboards and trims - painter’s tape is very helpful when painting trims and baseboards. This allows you to easily paint the trim or baseboard completely without worrying that you might go over the designated area. It simply saves time and makes your job easy.

Painting accent walls - Making an accent wall is more than just adding paint color and design on it but it also creates a focal point in a room. Painter’s tape will guarantee you to get a clean crisp line in all edges of your accent wall which is important because clean lines are very critical to maximize that visual appeal on the accent wall. Learning some tips in painting accent walls is very helpful..

The most famous brand of painter’s tape in Chicago is the ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape. It’s the top choice of painter’s because it can be easily removed in just one pull without tearing or slivering.

2. Painting Ladder


Painting ladder is very important though we can always use chairs or other platforms it’s always “better to be safe than sorry” especially when working with walls and ceilings. Painting ladder will make your work quicker and safer. One of the best quality ladders in Chicago is made by Werner and Louisville. High quality materials are used in manufacturing these ladders so they are worth every single dollar you spend for it.

A-Frame style is the the best type of step ladder which is also called the folding step ladder.

See how these top three tools can make painting easier? Even if you will just do the the painting on your own you will be able to achieve the desired results as long as you now how to do the proper painting.

Caring for your tools also means caring for the environment.

Having all the important tools for painting is necessary to do the job properly but it is also important to know how to take good care of your tools. If you want to be a professional painter you should know that your tools are your investment. If tools are well taken care of it will surely last for years. It makes sense for both economic and an environmental perspective to look after your tools. Imagine you are buying new set of tools spending money each year because they easily get damage because of lack of proper care. This will cost you more and by throwing them can also add to environmental concern because most of the tools are made of plastic and materials that takes more than hundreds of years to decompose.