Wallpaper vs Painting

Paint and wallpaper are both affordable, fastest, and easiest way to remodel a house. But there are some factors that we need to consider before choosing between a wallpaper and paint. These factors includes ease of application, cost and versatility to your place. Take into consideration if how long do you need to prepare the wall before putting up a new wallpaper or a fresh coat of paint. But if you are going to start on bare wall preparing the wall will not be much.  

Considering that you currently have wallpapers on your walls, removing the existing wallpaper is a bit less interesting thing to do so you need to have enough patience and proper tools to properly remove the current wallpaper without damaging the walls There are some chemicals that can be used to easily rip off the wallpaper but you should be very careful not to damage the walls.  

But if you are going to paint over a damaged wall, prepare your spackling paste, fill in the cracks and nail holes to have that even surface at the same time great finish painting job and for best results. It is better to do the filling in 24 hours prior to painting the walls so that the paste can have enough time to dry out. Applying a primer before painting over a darker wall make the whole preparation easier. Compared to putting up a new wallpaper, painting will require you lesser preparation.


Wallpaper comes in a fabulous variety of designs and colors, with a great choices of elegant effects like like pearlescent finish, glitter, raised inks, suede, gels, beads, foils and metallics, embossed silk textures, and natural grass cloth, these are just a few of the wide variety of wallpaper effects. Here are some tips for different wallpaper effects.  

The variety of paint colors is almost limitless. Moreover, it is just easy to repaint if you want to have a fresh coating. However, paint has a limited number of finishes within matte to glossy. To learn more about paint finishes click here.  

When it comes to selection both paint and wallpaper offers wide varieties and colors. Paints come in different kinds of glosses and sheens, while wallpaper comes in paper and vinyl surfaces for durability and finish variation. Whichever wall covering you may choose, they can both give an impressive outcome as long as you choose and apply them properly.  

If you are planning to make an accent wall, there are some amazing methods and ideas to do so with paint. However, if you are looking for complex patterns or bold geometrics designs on your wall, using a wallpaper is a great choice.  


A good quality paint is always a good choice. Proper application makes perfect results. Just like wallpaper it can also stand the test of nature, kids and pets just be sure to choose the correct type. And do proper care to make it last.  

Most of you might think that wallpaper is not that durable. Well, wallpaper is very durable and will stand against wear and tear of children and even your pets, can also be installed in high traffic areas because it now comes in many varieties that are scrubbable. Nowadays, modern types of wallpaper are being produced with great durability and at the same time it is easy to clean. However, wallpaper is better suited to rooms such as dining rooms and bedrooms where there is less moisture and less footfall as it will be difficult to make running repairs. Putting up wallpaper in areas with high moisture like bathrooms and kitchens may cause the wallpaper to peel away from the wall. For those who have kids and pets who wants to put up a wallpaper, the best option is to go for wipe clean vinyl varieties

Cover up damages

If your wall has a lot of areas with damages covering it with a wallpaper is a better option than covering it with paint. For doing changes painting and wallpaper are both time consuming and easy to change depending on their own respective factors. For paint is it time consuming when you are creating intricate designs. For wall paper it is time consuming if you are putting up an old traditional wallpaper.


It is normally cheaper to have a fresh paint coating in a room compared to having wallpapers on it, but wallpaper has a tendency to have a longer life-span so the cost will just even out as time goes by. But, cheap or low quality wallpapers does not posses this quality. If you like redecorating your house every few years, the longevity of the wallpaper may not be a big deal for you anyway.

You will always get what you pay for. Whether you choose painting or wallpaper, if you opt for the cheaper or low quality ones it will not stand the test of time. For guaranteed results always choose quality products only.

When using cheap paint it doesn’t give you real savings but it costs you even more, it will require you to apply more coatings to get the shade that you want. You might need to apply three coats of cheap paint instead of applying two coats only if you are using a good quality paint. Instead of you using just few cans of paint in your entire house you will end up buying more because you need more coating to achieve the desired finish. Choosing a quality brand of paint is always the best for it will last longer, create a better finish and the overall cost won’t be much more than if you were to use an substandard product.

Just like paint cheap wallpaper is not a wise choice. It is thin and more susceptible to damage. In some cases if your walls are not in good enough condition to paint, a good quality, thick wallpaper will cover defects in the walls in more affordable cost than the price of plastering and paint and without the inconvenience and the mess involved.