What makes a good painting?

Let’s start with the basic, what paint is made of. The components of all paints are composed of solvents, pigments, inert filler or extender, additives, and resins. Solvent makes the paint wet, it will evaporate when the paint dries up. Solvent helps us determine whether a paint is latex or oil-based. For latex it has mostly water solvent while oil-based paints have mineral spirits solvent. Resin is the binder, it holds the pigments in place and gives good adhesion to the surface being painted. Resins can either be made of silicone, epoxy or acrylic. Pigment provides color, hiding effect, and it controls the gloss characteristic of the paint. Additives helps to enhance some properties such as mold resistance, scratch resistance, drying, helps us make brushing easy, and sag resistance. Extender makes the paint more durable and modifies its weight. It’s not just all about the quality of paint but the application process also plays a great role in achieving the desirable result.If you are confident that you can do the painting on your own, you can opt for “do-it-yourself-painting” or if not you can always hire a professional painter to do job for you and see best results.


What really makes a good paint?

 Paint Quality Institute (PQI) says that quality paints contains good quality binders. The quantity and kind of the binder used influences everything from crack resistance to better  adhesion and stain. Various kinds of polymers are used to serve as binders in latex paints. Oil paints contains drying oil or modified oils, which is called alkyd, that serves as their binders. Among the two, quality latex paints which contains 100% acrylic binders will definitely last longer and they cost more too. Even though it’s pricey but then it is more durable and it will you better adhesion. Good quality paint contains more prime than extender pigments. Prime pigments are good hiding pigments. Most common prime pigment is titanium dioxide, which is the white pigment that can be found in both latex and oil paint. It is also called “Titanium White” which is one of the biggest factors that make a good quality paint. More additives are found in good quality paints that gives desirable properties and makes the painting job easier because it makes the brushing easier.  

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What kind of paint can give you the sense of satisfaction?

What kind of paint can give you the sense of satisfaction?

When choosing the kind of paint that we are going to use of course we only want something that is worth buying. We prefer quality over quantity. Buying cheap paint doesn’t necessarily means that you already saved up some money. Why? Cheap paints may not give you the quality that you want and you might need to do it again it means you need more of it. It may be cheap but it will not last long, it means you will end up repainting much sooner that you like. Another thing is cheap paints might contain hazardous chemicals that can harm your family and will cost you even more if they got sick because of using it. These are just some of the many disadvantages of using cheap paint. This just proves that quality paint is a good buy.

Now let’s go to the good quality paint. It lasts longer, quality paint will not require you to do repainting in less than three years. Good paints won’t easily peel and fade even if it’s in a high traffic area. You won’t need many coats. Good quality paint gives you more and better pigmentation compared to low quality and cheap paint. Good pigmentation is very important because it offers more coverage, color and depth. That means it has a great coverage to what you are painting over. Increased durability, all house paints have binders (or resins), but good-quality paints use only the very best ones. These resins help the product to achieve that good adhesion effect to every paint surface properly from the start. Good binders also protects the paint from peeling, cracking,blistering, scuffing, fingerprints, mold, fading, and chalking. Good quality paint can give your home a better protection. Paint can protect all sorts of buildings and structures from the effects of water and sun. Wooden buildings such as houses are usually painted because a coat of paint prevents water seeping into the wood and making it rot. The paint also helps to prevent the wood from drying out in the hot sun.

House painting is very important for many reasons. It can beautify and give character to your home. Even though you already cleaned your house very well but the paints are fading and cracking your house will still look dirty. Having a well painted house will give you that ultimate sparkly clean look of your home. But take note, though your house is newly painted but the color does not perfectly fit to the style of your home, you will still not get the results that you want. You should also take time to plan and consider the shade, colors, paint brands, and styles for you to achieve that desirable results.

 When to paint?

There’s no need to set a timeline to when you should do a repainting job. It really depends on the climate and the quality of paint that you previously used, that is why it is advisable to use just high quality paints. At the same time, you should also consider to hire a good painter if you can’t do the painting on your own. Poor painting can only last as little as three years before it needs attention, a good one cast last up to 20 years. There are some determining factors that you should take note of before doing a repainting job. Check if the area is exposed wood or if there are signs of any water damage, the look of your home, condition of the current coating if it’s cracked, chipped or peeling off. If you have seen any of the signs mentioned maybe new painting is needed, but even if not, you might just ready for a change.