In some countries they call it spring cleaning others call it deep cleaning.  House that is well maintained will retain its value for a long period of time. But deep cleaning is a more extensive cleaning than usual. It is not just a simple sweeping, and use of feather dusters. It is literally going through almost everything from top to bottom, spaces that are never touched during routine cleaning. It also involves moving appliances and furniture to get underneath. Every corner of the house will be cleaned it will probably take a day or two to do it alone. Doing a deep cleaning is never easy, it will be the best time to hire some cleaners. But with a tight budget you can always do it with a help of your partner or friends it could be a enjoyable and fun not thinking about everything you need to go through to finish the job. But to get a better deep cleaning a checklist is always handy before doing everything to get things done without missing a spot.

Ready all your items that you need before starting to dig in like soaps, baking soda, brush, brooms, mops, cloth, gloves, glass cleaners, sponges and long poles for reaching high places. You can also consider using face mask and goggles if you are going to use chemicals on bathrooms and kitchens. It is better to prepare the things you need ahead the scheduled date to save more time and gives you a chance to hit the market to buy the things you need.

You can start by clearing away and picking up any items that are scattering around this can help you get the best view on what to do next. Check the entire house visually for any damage that needs immediate repairs. During spring some would even do a repaint of their entire house to get a fresh feeling. Hide extra things  that adds to the clutter. Always start dusting off from the top and avoid using wet cloth near electrical wiring or installations.

Moving from a new house will definitely need a deep cleaning. It would be easy to clean the house first before moving in, especially if that house hasn’t been touched for months and you never knew who’s been there before you. Insects and pest could be roaming around that house. Checked the kitchen for any leaks, molds or mildew forming.  Dust could probably accumulated on all spaces. Rooms should be thoroughly clean especially if you have kids.

Others deep clean their homes to get the old things out of the house or after a planned renovation. Lots of things could be lying around after the renovation and dust could be everywhere that deep cleaning is needed. You will surely enjoy the new look and how clean your house is after cleaning. Not only you will clean the house some experts even say that one of the best exercises is doing household chores that will burn those extra calories if you have no time to hit the gym.

When you and your partner is expecting a baby or you have a family member or friends that visits your house has a baby deep cleaning is needed to get rid of those harmful viruses and bacteria, because babies are prone to allergies when it comes to dust and are weak on viruses and bacteria which is not a good thing.  It is rather best  to get everything cleaned  before the baby arrives  to have a comfy home and to play around because they tend to put anything they find inside their mouth.

Deep cleaning your house before selling is essential. Buyers don’t want a dirty and dusty house to move in because it offers more work  to clean and they will think that it was not well maintained. A clean house offers the buyer a good first impression and give them that feeling that they will love living in your house. Buyers that get a smile on their after being impressed will surely put your house on top of their list.

If someone in the family has allergy then deep cleaning is needed to get rid of those dust and unnecessary allergens. Cleaning those air filters is also a good thing keeping the air inside the house clean. A family member who just got out from a hospital or is recovering from an illness also needs a clean home to go to recover fast.

And of course if you want to held  a party you want to impress your guests. Your house must be presentable inside and out. Everyone wants a house that is clean and sparkling. Start by removing easy to break things on counters and jewelries. Try to change the  curtains that is more suitable for the occasion. Others would hire cleaners to do the cleaning giving them more time to think and do other things.

There are several benefits of deep cleaning your home like giving you that better air quality, getting rid of viruses and bacteria, eliminate unnecessary clutters and people do a deep cleaning because they just want to have a clean house they can go home to everyday from work.  It will keep your home on a tip top shape and safe to live in. Not all have time to get a good deep cleaning but I think it is necessary to have a stress free home. Everyone loves a clean and tidy home not only pleasing to the eyes but its one step of keeping you or everyone around you healthy or you just want to have a fresh start. Scheduling is always a must to get the job done and deep cleaning is achieved if you are not in a hurry. Try to write everything on a calendar, on this way you will have more time to finish other task and keep track what you have accomplished. Pick that perfect time to do it in this way you will have more time to spend with your family or friends. But it is advisable to hire a professional cleaning company because they are trained to do extensive cleaning and they are equipped with all the tools needed for cleaning.