Painting contractors depends on their skills and specialties. A painting contractor can work under a small company or sell its skills directly to residential owners.

Difference between commercial painting and residential painting

Commercial painting contractors are for businesses that need painting solution. Commercial painting contractors specialize in painting buildings, commercial spaces or retail shops, offices, and so forth.

On the other hand, residential painting contractors are for private houses like homes, apartments or any place where people live.

What does Painting Contractor Do?

Commercial Painting contractors offers its services to commercial buildings to maintain cleanliness and attract visitors or clients. Since the appearance of your business also reflects how you work with customers.

Hiring the best commercial painting contractor will enhance your business image, inside and out. They also have the knowledge, not only experience, when it comes to right coating selection to various application technique, safety guidelines.

Titan Painters


Provide its service to:

♛ Restaurants
♛ Churches
♛ Office Buildings
♛ Shopping center
♛ Warehouse
♛ Manufacturing Sites
♛ School and Universities
♛ Industrial Buildings
♛ Amusement
♛ Recreational Facilities
♛ Retail Stores
♛ Condo and Apartment Buildings
♛ Realty Businesses
♛ Retirement center
♛ Healthcare
♛ Hospitality (Hotels or Motels)


And assures to:

♛ All areas are covered according to what was agreed.

♛ Prepare the area or spaces before painting. That includes priming new drywall, sanding, removing loose paint, and a lot more.

♛ Full-color coats for walls, ceiling, trim and molding.

♛ Touch Ups and cleanups.

♛ Owners feedback before leaving your commercial spaces/home.


How to find the best painting contractor for commercial or even residential painting?

Look for a local commercial painting contractor. Why? Local commercial contractors will lessen your cost for labor rather than getting a nationwide commercial contractor. Plus, you don't need to adjust with their culture, as you both have a kindred spirit.

A commercial painting contractor should recognize and respect the worth of money and balances it with quality. Professional contractors will give a top-quality standard in a budget-friendly cost without putting their reputation at rock-bottom.

Also, they should be courteous when it comes to giving out time. Yes, there will instances that delay may happen, but letting you know ahead of time means you are in good hands.

Questions that you need to ask your
professional local commercial contractor:


The "How Much" Questions

Added expenses are very crucial when it comes to business. Retail shop or other commercial buildings mostly allocate maintenance budget and stick with its budget. In Commercial painting contractor's view, the cost of paintwork depends on the wall, paint, and labor. These three factors determine how much you will need to shell out for your spaces to be more appealing and clean.

Wall Space - To get the right paint quantity, multiply the length by width by height (L x W x H). Then, deduct the windows and doors square footage.
Paint - The quality of paint also varies in a strikingly large extent. A good quality paint may last longer (up to 10 years) than cheap ones.
Labor - To have an accurate estimate, an on-site visit is being scheduled.


How long with the job be finished? The answer would depend on the kind of work that the painters need to render to provide a top-quality paint job. There are several things to consider when it comes to time table like weather, the condition of your commercial walls, or ceilings.

Commercial Painting Contractor for Residential Painting or Vice Versa

Some painting contractors only specialize in a certain area. Others have a wide range of experience, knowledge, and flexibility when it comes to paintwork. If you are a business owner who would like to have your home be painted as well by them, speak with your preferred contractor about this. But with TITAN PAINTERS, we have painters that can guarantee professional paint jobs for either commercial painting job or residential.