Exterior Painting


Painting is an act of using paint, colors, or medium to a solid surface to bring things into life. It is a process of showing your thoughts or your emotional side.

In exterior painting, it can also reflect your feelings and creativity even without letting the people get inside your home, through the outside appearance of your home.

Why you need to re-paint your home? What’s the benefit of having a new exterior paint?


Why do you need to re-paint your home? What would be the benefit of having new exterior paint?

Re-painting your home gives a lot of advantages for you and your home.

One of the reasons we change our exterior paint is to generate a pleasing outer appearance of your home. Outdoor wall paint contributes positive energy and affects the emotions of your neighbors who are walking around your neighborhood, visitors, you and your family members emotions.

Painting your outdoor walls can increase your property value in the market. Exterior painting is the cheapest way to renovate your home. For a piece of additional information, exterior painting cost an average of 1,500 USD.

Exterior painting could give protection from bad weather that can cause damages to other area or part of your home. It will also help to control any possible termite damage.

A quality paint job preserves the general excellence of standard surfaces of window seals. Doors should also be painted to withstand against weather changes.

A home should always be maintained either inside and outside of the house. It is necessary to check every corner of the home to avoid further deterioration of the surfaces like walls, window sills, baseboards, and ceiling to be fixed as early as possible. With Titan Painters Chicago, we don't just paint your walls. We inspect the canvas or walls to determine its quality or condition and apply appropriate action to rescue or keep your home safe from natural elements like insects.


How Titan Painters Do Your Exterior Home Paint

Exterior Painting vs. Interior Painting. How Titan Painters Do Exterior Painting

Painting the outside structure of your home is not as easy than interior painting. Though you'll exert a lot of energy in Interior painting, but compared to the exterior, you need to be keen with the medium, the canvas, and the paint that you'll use.


Exterior painting is prone to fading and mildew.
Titan Painters is careful in giving out the proper and perfect outcome that you expect from us.

At all projects, we clean and dry out the area that we will be painting. Also, we scrape off cracked and peeling paint to have your new paint stick lasts. Covering it will spoil the surface or appearance of your new walls.

The proper medium in working out your exterior paint is one of the keys to creating a perfect wall paint. We only use the right paintbrush, rollers, and other painting materials necessary for your wall. Especially the paint, as we guarantee perfect paint walls for your home.