Manila is the city capital of the Philippines.
It is the most populated city in the world, according to one of the country's newspaper company as of 2018. And it’s the business capital of the said country.

Painters: Manila, Philippines

Filipino's is known to have quite a handful of skills, especially in designing or painting, from interior to commercial painting. The Philippines has a culture that is diverse and rich, one of the reasons they provide aesthetic-colorful, yet balanced artwork.
Manila Painters are recently rapidly in search,
as the community and lifestyle in the country are changing swiftly.


About painting, a few years ago, sometime in August, five Filipino artists went to Chicago to do collaborative work about contemporary and inevitably globalized context with
Chicago-based Filipino-American artists.
The mural produced by the artists in Chicago and was displayed at the Field for six months.


One of the many known Filipino contemporary painter nowadays in Chicago is Paul Cainto Balan. Paul is an Associate Designer for the United States Mint's (AIP).

Willi Red Buhay a design artist, art director, and painter who is an artist-in-residence of the Filipino-American community of Chicago.


Manila Painters

as a home and commercial contractors

Manila painters’ are known for being resourceful and creative.
Painting needs skills and abilities to aim the designs and textures on walls and roofs.

Manila painters work on the interior and exterior of the houses to apply paint, varnish, and stains making your houses look neat and finished. Aside from mixing and painting houses and buildings, they also examine the structures carefully and come up with the right paint to use.


Manila Painters offers:

Drywall & Plaster
Designing & Decorating
Power Washing
and other construction services


Titan Painters Chicago

admires and recognizes each and everyone's skills.
We treat everyone equally not only with our clients, but as well to our painters.
Titan Painters Chicago's standard should be carried out by our painters to adequately layout the client's design or preferences and exceed their expectations.

Titan Painters Chicago offers quality service and continues to strive for excellence.



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A final and formal quote will be given after our painter was able to do an on-site visitation.

♛ The final invoice or quote includes paint and paint supplies, tools, and labor.

♛ Client should send out or contact us at least 5-7 days in advance to arrange our painter’s schedule and for them to conduct the on-site visit on your preferred time and date.



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